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Ebola Hotline Activated for General Information



JACKSON, Miss. – The 24-hour Mississippi Ebola Hotline has now been activated through funding from the Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH). The hotline is available for general Ebola information and will direct any case-specific calls to health officials when necessary.


The hotline number is 1-877-222-9358.


“While it’s highly unlikely that we will see a case of Ebola here in Mississippi, we continue to work with our healthcare partners to make sure we’re prepared for a possible case, should one occur,” said MSDH State Epidemiologist Dr. Thomas Dobbs.


“We realize Ebola is still an issue of great concern to Mississippians, and this hotline should help answer general questions about the disease to those who are interested,” said Dobbs.


For more information about Ebola and what Mississippi is doing to prepare for the disease, visit the MSDH website


Ice Skating

Ice Skating Info 2014-2015
Ice Rink Admission is $10/per person (includes skate rental)
Season Skate Passes are $80 for 10 sessions     
Birthday Parties during Public Skating sessions are $50 for the party rental fee. Skate rentals are NOT included in this cost. The number of skaters at the party are added to the $50 rental fee, at the rate of $10/per person. Tables and chairs are provided in a location by the ice rink, and you are able to bring your own food and drink. A $25 deposit is required for birthday parties. Parents, family members, or friends NOT skating are NOT charged or included in the final cost.
Private Ice Skating Party Info
There are 2 different prices for Private parties this season. $300 for parties with 50 or less SKATERS, and for more than 50 SKATERS the price increases to $400. Private parties are for 2 hours of ice time. A $100 deposit is required for private parties. Tables and chairs are provided in a location by the ice rink, and you are able to bring your own food and drink.
Private parties are available when Public Skating sessions are not occurring. Private parties can be during the week, and the time of the party is at your discretion. The most common time for private parties are from 10AM-12PM, or 6:30PM-8:30PM on days when we have Public Skating sessions.
*If you have any other questions please feel free to call DREW LUMSDEN @ 662-841-6573 or email

Public Ice Skating Times 2014-2015
November 14th- Post Skate after Hockey Game
November 15th 1:00-6:00PM & Post Skate after Hockey Game
November 16th- Post Skate after Hockey Game
November 22nd 1:00-6:00PM
November 23rd 1:00-6:00PM
November 24th 1:00-6:00PM
November 25th1:00-6:00PM
November 26th 1:00-6:00PM
November 28th 1:00-6:00PM
December 13th 1:00-6:00PM
December 14th 1:00-6:00PM
December 20th 1:00-6:00PM
December 21st 1:00-6:00PM
December 22nd 1:00-6:00PM
December 23rd 1:00-6:00PM
December 26th 1:00-6:00PM
December 27th 1:00-6:00PM
December 28th 1:00-6:00PM
December 29th 1:00-6:00PM
December 30th 1:00-6:00PM
December 31st 1:00-6:00PM
January 2nd 1:00-6:00PM
January 3rd 1:00-6:00PM
January 4th 1:00-6:00PM
January 5th 1:00-6:00PM
*January’s remaining schedule is TBA*