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GI Joe

G.I. Joe: Celebrating 50 Years


Description: Relive the nostalgia of the original action figure, G.I. Joe. One of the largest private collection in this region, owned by Joey Tutor and son, Joseph, features hundreds of G.I Joe’s spanning 50 years, from 1964-2014. Includes single figures to realistic dioramas, complete with jeeps, boats, helicopters, ATVs, and historical figures. G.I. Joe has been a prominent toy, except during the late 1970’s due to the high rise in petroleum prices, because plastic is made out of petroleum. Come celebrate the 50th anniversary of G.I. Joe at Oren Dunn City Museum, the #1 Christmas present for boys for decades.


Start Date: Monday, December 1, 2014


End Date: Saturday, January 31, 2015


Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 9-4; Saturday, 10-3


Price: Adults-$3; Senior Citizens-$2; Children-$1.50; Call for groups of 10 or more


Address: 689 Rutherford Road, Tupelo, MS  38801