Kelli and Roadkill Bill

Who's on the Home Town Morning Show?

Who's on the Hometown Morning Show?

Kelli Karlson-

Roadkill Bill-


Birthdays-Call in your birthday wishes to Kelli & Roadkill Bill at 844-9106. On Friday,  Kelli & Roadkill Bill announce the weekly winner of Malco Movie passes,  and free food from Sydnii's Kitchen in Pontotoc!!!!.


Jimmy Carter- Nashville’s pre-emanate entertainment reporter talks to Kelli & Roadkill Bill every Monday and Thursday Morning!   Get the latest news and gossip about your favorite stars!  Check out Jimmy’s website!


Earl Pitts- Everybody’s favorite Native American Redneck checks in with his commentary on politics, music, entertainment, and life in general weekdays at 5:20 and again at 7:20.  Check out Earl’s website!



Craig Ford- Get the latest North Mississippi news each morning beginnign at 5:30 from WLOV Fox 27’s most trustworthy news anchor.  Check out WLOV’s website.

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