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Rick Stevens Page O' Useless Stuff

Rick Stevens: 3:00m - 7:00pm

Rick Stevens helps you "Wizard While You Work"  and get home, too, weekday afternoons with Today's Best Country and Your All-Time Country Favorites!

Rick has been a part of the Tupelo area radio scene for over 20 years.

Rick's wife has been a Wizard106 listener for years before he ever started working for the station, and his son listens some...although, he listens to a lot of different music.

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Favorite Music Group:  ZZ Top
Wife's Favorite Music Group:  Rascal Flatts
Son's Favorite Music Group: Van Halen
(Yes, long drives are a real trip with the music selection....)

Favorite Food [subject to change daily]:  It's hard to beat fried catfish.  For you health nuts, pretend I typed "baked" if you want.

Favorite Movie:  Lone Wolf McQuade

Favorite Hobby:  You mean...besides coming to work?  Could watching the Dallas Cowboys be considered a hobby?

Follow Rick [if you want occasional updates on The Old & The Boring]: www.twitter.com/radioredneck

The Rick Stevens Blogopalooza

Wizard 106

Thanks to Will!

Thanks to Will Kollmeyer for hanging out today during the Five O'Clock Drive Home.  If you want more Itawamba Community College info, check out www.iccms.edu and here's to another 30 years with Will in North Mississippi!!!