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Rick Stevens Page O' Useless Stuff

Rick Stevens: 3:00m - 7:00pm

Rick Stevens helps you "Wizard While You Work"  and get home, too, weekday afternoons with Today's Best Country and Your All-Time Country Favorites!

Rick has been a part of the Tupelo area radio scene for over 20 years.

Rick's wife has been a Wizard106 listener for years before he ever started working for the station, and his son listens some...although, he listens to a lot of different music.

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Favorite Music Group:  ZZ Top
Wife's Favorite Music Group:  Rascal Flatts
Son's Favorite Music Group: Van Halen
(Yes, long drives are a real trip with the music selection....)

Favorite Food [subject to change daily]:  It's hard to beat fried catfish.  For you health nuts, pretend I typed "baked" if you want.

Favorite Movie:  Lone Wolf McQuade

Favorite Hobby:  You mean...besides coming to work?  Could watching the Dallas Cowboys be considered a hobby?

Follow Rick [if you want occasional updates on The Old & The Boring]: www.twitter.com/radioredneck

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