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Blog Thursday 7/30


Police in Florida have arrested a man who literally sucks at robbing banks. 

Cops say 30-year-old Jonathan Boston walked into a bank and handed the teller a note demanding money. He might have gotten away without the surveillance camera getting a clear image of him, but he took a couple of extra seconds to grab a free lollipop off the counter before he fled. This enabled the camera to get a good look at him. (Do you think that's why the put the candy there?)

Police were able to identify him and make an arrest in quick order. Boston is also accused of robbing two other banks.

The stolen money was recovered. He was allowed to keep the lollipop. (Sun-Sentinel)


There is an amazing subreddit called Random Acts of Pizza where hungry, down-on-their-luck people request that kindhearted people step up and give them free pizza.

And, amazingly, many generous people out there actually make the donation.

Well, a guy in England wanted to be a part of this pizza love fest, but was having trouble because – obviously – he is in a completely different country.

Daniel Sobey-Harker finally figured out how to pull it off.

Instead of using dollars, he ended up using Bitcoins.

With two Bitcoins, which are worth about $584 total, Daniel’s been using the online currency to buy pizza for several strangers.

He found that Papa John’s was most likely to accept Bitcoin as payment. And some lucky “winners” also received two-liter bottles of Mountain Dew.

Do we live in wondrous times or what? (Metro)


Jose Canseco is walking in Caitlyn Jenner's high heels -- at least for a week.

The former baseball star says he'll dress as a woman for seven days to show support for Jenner’s transition and to publicize his upcoming Internet reality show, Spend a Day With Jose.

Twitter users are already complaining. One wrote, “Jose Canseco… shut up! Dude is trolling Jenner to promote his own internet reality show.”

Canseco said he’ll wear dresses and makeup as he golfs, bowls and plays softball and poker. (Gossip Cop)


New York Mets shortstop Wilmer Flores broke down and cried on the field during Wednesday's game at Citi Field against the San Diego Padres after learning that he'd been traded to the Milwaukee Brewers.

Flores's emotional state was noted by the announcers and the crowd at the game, which gave him a ovation, but it turns out all the emotion was for naught. The deal that would have sent Flores and pitcher Zach Wheeler to the Brewers for outfielder Carlos Gomezfell apart Wednesday night. (USA Today)

Blog Wednesday 7/29

Dierks Bentley has put his cushy Nashville home on the market for $1.7 million.

The 4,428 square foot house, built in 1930, is located in the upscale Green Hills neighborhood and has 15 rooms, a pool, a guest house and a separate two-car garage. 

Dierks and his family have already moved to a new home. [News Channel 5]

See photos of the house here. 

An Ohio man is on the hot seat after he hit the road and led cops on a slow-speed chase -- while driving his motorized wheelchair.

Graham Ley got hit with a touch of cabin fever on Sunday and decided to take his chair out for a spin, right down the center line of a busy road. Cops pulled him over once to issue a warning that clearly didn't take hold, since they had to corral him again later that night and escort him home. Less than 24 hours later, Ley was on the road again, this time displaying a bit of road rage by keying the car of a woman who honked at him to get out of the way.

This time, officers had a harder time getting Ley to stop, pursuing him down the street for nearly an hour before cutting him off and loading him off to the county jail on charges of Obstructing Official Business, Disorderly Conduct, Criminal Damage and Failure to Comply. (WEWS)


A Florida man has been raked over the coals by authorities because of complaints from his neighbors -- who say he's violating a new law requiring people to keep smoke from their barbecues confined completely in their own yards.

Scotty Jordan was in his driveway grilling up some dinner when an official from Pinellas County showed up and ordered him to pull his meat out of the fire because of the wayward aroma. The charcoal patrolman told him, "I'm only here because of the odor, because of the smoke. You're allowed to have it smell on your property, so that doesn't count, but when I'm on the street and I can smell it, that's when it counts."

Jordan acknowledges that there have been 15 complaints about his grilling, but says 14 have come from the same neighbor. A friend of his, whose name was not released, said, "We can't control the wind, God does that." (WMAZ)


We all scream for ice cream, but some folks near Buffalo screamed a little louder for their ice-cream man -- when he drove through their neighborhood drunk, wearing only his underpants.

A concerned parent called cops to complain about the driver after he began yelling and cursing at kids who'd flagged down his truck, then stripped off everything but his tighty whities. Officers arrived on the scene and found Ryan Duff glassy-eyed behind the wheel of the sweet ride, belligerent and refusing to submit to a Breathalyzer test.

Police requested backup from a drug recognition expert, who determined that Duff was under the influence and hauled him off to the cooler, where he was booked on DWI charges and released to a sober driver. (WIVB)


Ant-Man has won the weekend box office two weeks in a row, but will it be a superhero movie to stand the test of time? Chances are small.

According to ranker.com, these are the 10 Best Superhero movies ever made:

  1. The Dark Knight
  2. Batman Begins
  3. Iron Man
  4. The Avengers
  5. X-Men: First Class
  6. The Dark Knight Rises
  7. X-Men 2
  8. Spider-Man 2
  9. Spider-Man
  10. X-Men

Blog Tuesday 7/28

What would you do if you found out someone you were close to was being cheated on? You'd probably tell her or him, even if it caused problems in your friendship, because it's the right thing to do. What if it's a stranger, though? Two sisters faced this exact problem at an Atlanta Brave's game last week.

Brynne and Delana Hinson were watching the game when they happened to notice the couple in front of them. The husband was watching the game and the wife was texting on her phone. It just so happened she was holding her phone at the perfect angle for the Hinson sisters to see that she was clearly sexting a guy that wasn't her husband!

The shocked sisters don't take kindly to infidelity, so they started snapping pictures of the racy conversation and then they posted it all on Twitter. But that's not all! They wrote a note to the husband that read, "Your wife is cheating on you. Look at the messages under Nancy! It's really a man named Mark ... Sorry, just thought you should know!" They handed the note to the man as they were walking out of the stadium and his cheating wife didn't notice because she was walking in front of him. 

Since the incident the messages have been re-tweeted more than 21,000 times. Bottom line: If you are going to cheat be very careful where and when you message the person you’re cheating with ... you never know who's watching! (Cosmo)

Baseball's Hall of Fame inducted its class of 2015 Sunday. A crowd of 45,000 fans descended on Cooperstown, New York to watch pitchers Pedro MartinezRandy Johnson and John Smoltz join longtime Houston Astros position player Craig Biggiobecome the latest players enshrined in the Hall.

Dominican flags were waving as Martinez became the second native of the Dominican Republic to be inducted into the Hall of Fame (behind pitcher Juan Marichal). Biggio, who played his entire 20-year career with Houston, became the first Astros player in the Hall. Johnson, who won 303 games pitching for the Expos, Mariners, Astros, Diamondbacks, Yankees and Giants, chose to become the first Arizona Diamondback to go into the Hall. Smoltz, a dominant starting pitcher who came back from Tommy John surgery to reinvent his career as a dominant closer, is the first Hall of Fame pitcher to have had the surgery. (MLB.com


A former state representative in Oklahoma is complaining that the judge who grantedBlake Shelton and Miranda Lambert's divorce acted illegally when he sealed the records. 

According to a 2014 state law, court records can be sealed only if there is a compelling reason to do so, and that the judge must make public any such decision. The judge in their case has been accused of ignoring both elements of that law.

Attorney Aaron Stiles, who wrote the law when he was an elected official, has raised the subject. He told The Oklahoman, "They're definitely not following the law on it. I can't imagine a scenario where you would ever seal an entire civil or divorce case." 

He went on to say, "The average citizen, they don't get their cases sealed. Their records are made public." In this case, he believes the judge was doing a favor for celebrities. 


Minor league ballplayers who dream of making it to the big leagues understand that they will have an unglamorous time of it before the luxury of Major League life. But they probably don't expect to be eaten by an alligator.

The Charlotte Stone Crabs, a Single-A Tampa Bay Rays affiliate in Port Charlotte, Florida, returned home from a road trip to host the Dayton Tortugas to find a 10-foot-long alligator chilling under the dugout bench.

Players spotted it and started snapping pictures on their cell phones. Animal control officers came along to tape its jaws shut and carried it to a nearby pond. The team told him that next time he has to buy a ticket to get in like everyone else. (NY Post)


The video for Steven Tyler's new country song, “Love Is Your Name,” has been watched seven-million times on Vevo. In addition, the song has been streamed 1.9-million times and the video has been streamed just under 4.6-million times. 

Sales? According to Nielsen Music, 73,000 digital copies have been purchased.  

Tyler plans to head back to Nashville right after Aerosmith's tour winds up on August 7th to start writing material for a full album that most likely will not be out until next year.


Burglars hit Rob Schneider's home Friday night and made off with his prize possessions -- ultra rare baseball cards.

TMZ says the Deuce Bigalow star was at the Comedy Film Festival in Montreal when the card snatchers broke in through a sliding glass door in the back of the home. While they took expensive jewelry, they also nabbed a mint condition 1951 Bowman Willie Maysrookie card worth $175,000. Also stolen were 1953 and 1971 Willie Mays cards. Fortunately, the bulk of Rob's extensive baseball card collection wasn't taken.

According to TMZ the 1951 Willie Mays card "is so rare, it will be difficult or impossible to fence it."


Jen Welter has broken the NFL's glass ceiling. The Arizona Cardinals announced Monday that they've hired the former pro football player, making her the first female coach in the league history.

This isn't the first time the 37-year-old Welter has broken new ground. After playing 14 seasons in a women's pro football league, she became the first female to play a position other than kicker in a men's professional league when she landed a spot as a running back for the Texas Revolution of the Indoor Football League. She also played rugby at Boston College.

During an interview with NBC's Today show last year, Welter said, "I want little girls everywhere to grow up knowing they can do anything, even play football."

She'll work with Cardinals' inside linebackers as an intern coach during training camp. And, she has some experience with that type of job. She served as a linebackers and special teams coach for the Revolution. (NBC News)



The only notable theatrical releases out on video this week are: 

  • Water Diviner. Directed by and starring Russell Crowe, it's about an Australian who travels to Turkey in 1919 to find his three missing sons.
  • Home (Party Edition) - Animated, with the voices of Jim Parsons and Rihanna.

Then there's the lesser known and direct to video:

  • White God (2014). This foreign film, about 13-year-old Lili (Zsofia Psotta) searching for her dog, who has been sent to the pound, won a prize at Cannes
  • Comet (2014) Justin Long, Emmy Rossum. A couple has a six-year relationship in a parallel universe. 
  • She Loves Me Not (Cary Elwes, Joey Lauren Adams) A reclusive novelist's constant drinking undermines his plans to save his fading literary career and his over-priced mansion.  

New TV on video includes:

  • Helix: The Complete Second Season. Sci-fi thriller.
  • Mama's Family: Mama's Favorites - Season 6 (1989-90) The final release in the Vicki Lawrence sitcom. 

Blog Monday 7/27


Michael Jackson wanted to be in Star Wars. That's probably no surprise -- but the particular role he sought might raise a few eyebrows. A source says he wanted to play the annoyingly unpopular Jar Jar Binks from Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

Ahmed Best, who (with the help of computer animation) played the comical villain, toldVice that George Lucas shared that information after they all met at a Michael Jackson concert in London.

Lucas introduced Best to Jackson as Jar Jar. Curious as to why, he says Lucas explained that Michael wanted to do the part, but thought it could be done prosthetics and makeup like "Thriller." "George wanted to do it in CGI. My guess is ultimately Michael Jackson would have been bigger than the movie, and I don't think he wanted that."



1. Ant-Man - $24.8 million
2. Pixels - $24 million
3. Minions - $22.1 million
4. Trainwreck - $17.3 million
5. Southpaw - $16.5 million

Ant-Man edged out Adam Sandler's Pixels to remain atop the weekend box office list. Marvel's latest superhero flick earned $24.8 million in its second weekend, taking its total to $106 million. Pixels, which was universally panned by critics, opened in second with $24 million.

Minions dropped from second to third with $22.1 million.

Trainwreck also dropped a slot, landing in fourth with $17.3 million.

The Jake Gyllenhaal boxing drama Southpaw premiered in fifth with $16.5 million, while the teen romance Paper Towns debuted in sixth with $12.5 million.


Congratulations, North Dakota. Your citizens of drinking age consume more beer than anyone else in the country. On the other end of the scale is Utah, whose residents consume the least amount of beer – about half of what they drink in North Dakota.

According to a recent study from Beer Marketer’s Insights, here are the Top 10 Beer Drinking States (and per person gallons consumed per year):

  1. North Dakota: 43.6 gallons
  2. New Hampshire: 42.2 gallons
  3. Montana: 40.5 gallons
  4. South Dakota: 38.2 gallons
  5. Vermont: 35.9 gallons
  6. Wisconsin: 35.8 gallons
  7. Nevada: 34.9 gallons
  8. Maine: 34.8 gallons
  9. Nebraska: 34.1 gallons
  10. Mississippi: 33.2 gallons (USA Today)


Are you are a sarcastic person? You may be annoying, but you are also more creative than your non-sarcastic counterparts. 

According to a study published in the Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes journal, people who made sarcastic comments were better at finding creative solutions to problems.

According to study leader Dr Li Huang, "We found that sarcasm may stimulate creativity, the generation of ideas, insights, or problem solutions that are novel and useful. As Oscar Wilde believed, sarcasm may represent a lower form of wit, but we found that it certainly catalyses a higher form of thought." (Daily Mail)


A man in Seattle organized a "Heterosexual Pride" parade ... but no one showed up. 

Anthony Rebello blames gay people for the fact that no one showed up for his event, which he organized via Facebook. The public event he created read: “We all have the right to celebrate the way of life we have chosen for ourselves. In the name of equality & equal rights, I have created this event to celebrate our right to be heterosexual, and to encourage younger heterosexuals that they should be proud of their heterosexuality.”

But even though he invited thousands of people, he was the only one who showed up. He even posted a photo of himself holding black balloons and a "straight pride" sign.

Why does he blame gay people for the lack of interest in his Straight Pride Parade? According to Rebello, "A lot of heterosexuals don’t want their pictures taken because they are scared of the LGBT community." (Pink News)

Blog Friday 7/24


A British woman lit into her husband when she found out he'd broken a promise to quit smoking -- by firing up her computer and finding the evidence on Google.

Donald Ryding told his wife Julie that he kicked the habit after his doctor told him that his unhealthy lifestyle was putting him in line for a heart attack. Julie initially confronted her hubby when she got into his car and found a stash of cookie wrappers -- another violation of doctor's orders -- but really decided to kick butt when she co-incidentally looked at the couple's house on a Google Street View picture, which showed Donald puffing away outside.

The fuming missus said "I couldn't believe it -- there was no denying it. Street View didn't blur out faces, but there was no need to with him -- he was covered by a cloud of smoke anyway."

Donald says he's planning to quit for real, and has cut back his consumption to near zero. (Daily Telegraph)


A San Diego man is sharing a grisly photo of his arm, which turned purple following a rattlesnake bite. Before you start feeling bad for the guy, listen to how he put himself in a position to get snake-bit.

Todd Fassler spotted a rattlesnake and had the bright idea to pick it up and snap a selfie with it. The snake wasn't having any of that, and chomped down on his arm. Fassler is lucky to be alive, although the first sight of his hospital bill nearly killed him. His dumb decision to share a spotlight with the venomous reptile cost him more than $150,000. Most of the total comes from the high cost of the antivenin used to treat him. There's no word on what happened to the snake, but it's unlikely he's going to help Fassler pay the bill. (NY Daily News)


A Florida woman who wanted to cop some weed drew attention from cops -- after using Twitter to plead with a dealer to sell her some.

The woman, identified only by her social media pseudonym Rosa Sparkz, posted a note on Tuesday saying, "Somebody bring me weed! I'll pay for it!" That brought a reply from the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office, asking, "Where should we meet you?"

"Rosa" told the deputy to follow her, but the police never followed up, and nothing came of the encounter other than some notoriety. "Rosa" said, "When it went viral I got really excited. I was having a pretty boring night after work but this definitely Sparked some life to my night!" (Deep Commotion)


Sharknado has lost its bite. The third installment in the campy shark series suffered a sharp ratings decline from the first sequel. 

Syfy’s Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! gathered 2.8 million viewers on Wednesday, down about 30 percent from last year's Sharknado 2, which had 3.9 million.

The TV movie was big on Twitter, where it generated 360,000 tweets from 121,000 unique users, but even that was far less than Sharknado 2. Nonetheless, Sharknado 4 is already on the horizon.

The original Sharknado garnered 1.37 million viewers in its first airing in 2013, but increased viewership after generating a buzz through social media. The first rerun was watched by 1.89 million viewers and the second had 2.1 million viewers. (The Wrap)


No surprise here -- Universal has announced a sequel to Jurassic World

The news comes just one day after the blockbuster became the the third-highest-grossing movie of all time. The dinosaur flick has made $1.52 billion worldwide in just a little over a month. 

Stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are expected to reprise their roles in the fifth installment of the Jurassic Park series, which hits theaters on June 22nd, 2018.

But first Chris will star in another big sequel. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is out May 5th, 2017.


Here’s something to consider as you head into your two days off … A woman named Maartje Smit has been on vacation … for the last three years. Smit, of the Netherlands, has been globe-hopping while the rest of us are schlepping into work … and she isn’t a trust-fund kid or lottery winner. She knew she wanted to see the world, so she saved well while working as a project manager for a software company and keeps her travel expenses to a minimum by couch surfing, staying with people she’s met through her travels, and picking up odd jobs here and there.

Smit thinks anyone can do what she is doing … and doesn’t understand why most of us aren’t doing it. "I'm sure that everyone who is working away in an office, enviously looking at my Facebook albums could live the exact same life,” she says. “I don't understand why more people don't do what I do." (Cosmo)


Smelling someone else’s sweat isn’t usually something seen as pleasant, but, apparently, it depends on the sweaty person’s emotional state.

According to a new study out of the Netherlands, if the person sweating is happy, his or her sweaty smell can have a positive effect on you. So make sure the person on the bike next to you in spin class is smiling. (Glamour)

Blog Thursday 7/23

When talking about the odds of winning the lottery, people always say there’s a better chance of being struck by lightning. So, with one lightning strike already under his belt, Peter McCathie had to like his chances of winning the lottery.

The Canadian is now probably the only person on the planet who can boast about experiencing both long-shots. The Nova Scotia native survived a lightning strike when he was 14 years old and recently won $1 million in a local lottery.

A mathematics professor at the University of Moncton has figured out that the odds of being struck by lightning and winning the lottery are about one-in-2.6 trillion. McCathie says he always thought he'd get hit by lightning again before ever winning a lottery. (CTV)

A police officer in Minnesota didn't want to spend his last day on the job handing out summonses, so he decided to summon up good feelings – by handing out dozens of gift cards instead.

Commander Brian Peters, who was leaving his post after 14 years, spent his entire final paycheck on $50 gift cards and went around his town handing them out to people who looked like they could use a hand. He found one woman at a bus stop, another at a laundromat and a man who was trying to scrape together cash to make a special meal for his girlfriend.

He told a local TV station, "My goal was to walk around the city and just find people that could maybe use a little extra cash or income to buy the kids some toys The citizens and city have been wonderful to me. I am very blessed so it feels good to always give back." (KARE)


A Pennsylvania man was mowed down by cops last week after a witness reported he was carrying a box of beer while driving erratically down a road -- on his lawn mower.

Tyler Anspach, who lost his license to drive a real car after three DUI convictions, was pulled over on his way home from a friend's house and unsteady on his feet when officers coaxed him off the riding mower. According to the police report, Anspach became combative when approached and refused to surrender the box of beer he was carrying.

When he also declined to get into a patrol car, deputies hogtied him and carried him to the cruiser. His alcohol level was recorded at 0.212 percent, nearly three times the legal limit. (Daily Item)


If boasting about your professional successes and skills on your resume nets you no interest from employers, then it stands to reason that doing the complete opposite will have a more desired outcome, right? That type of George Costanza logic wound up working perfectly for Jeff Scardino.

After applying for 10 different positions, all of which he was qualified for, Scardino received only one response, but no interview request. So he wrote up a new resume with a different name and different address and sent it off to the same companies. Only this time, instead of listing his successes and skills, he listed his failures and shortcomings. He even attached the names and numbers of former colleagues who would provide bad references. 

Scardino's twisted logic worked. His "relevant resume," as he calls it, got his eight responses and five requests for an interview. (AskMen


If someone told you that the more beer you drink, the more you'll be helping the environment, would they have your undivided attention? Well, that's exactly what a New Zealand brewery is saying, and it's figured out a way to make beer and, at the same time, make biofuel for your car. 

DB Breweries has found a way to turn the beer by-product, which is usually just the leftover inactive yeast, into ethanol. It is then mixed with petrol to create a biofuel, which they're calling 98 octane Brewtroleum. It's already available at a gas station in Auckland, New Zealand. A spokesperson for DB Breweries says, "We're helping Kiwis save the world by doing what they enjoy best – drinking beer." (Coed Magazine)


Bill Cosby could be facing some tough question in another deposition. 

A judge has denied the comedian's petition to dismiss a lawsuit accusing him of sexually abusing a 15-year-old girl at the Playboy Mansion in 1974. Attorney Gloria Allred said the decision clears the way for her client Judy Huth's lawsuit to proceed. She plans to take Cosby's sworn deposition within the next month.

Recently a federal judge in Philadelphia unsealed excerpts of a deposition Cosby gave in a different sexual assault case in 2006.

Cosby has at least four pending civil lawsuits stemming from the numerous accusations. (Reuters)


You knew this was coming ... Hollywood wants in on the emoji hype. They are actually making an emoji movie.

And even crazier ... there was a bidding war between three studios for the movie rights. Sony won, but so far there is no script or information about a script. Is this really going to work? (Cosmo)


There have been rumors about this for a while now, but McDonald's has apparently told franchise owners to anticipate an all-day breakfast roll-out sometime this fall.

Company execs were holding out on the decision because they worried there wouldn't be enough grill space for both breakfast foods and the regular menu to be cooked at the same time, but it seems they figured out that people really want an Egg McMuffin at 2 in the morning. (USA Today)

Thinking of starting a family? Here’s something to consider. According to the Department of Agriculture statistics, the average cost of raising a child is $245,000. In 1995, it was $145,000. (Business Insider)


Today, July 23rd, is National Hot Dog Day, and to celebrate, 7-Eleven is offering their Quarter Pound Big Bite hot dogs for $1 each and Sonic Drive-In is offering its All-American and Chili Cheese Dogs for $1 all day. 

There are other local deals all over the country. Click here for more.

Did you know … The most popular hot dog topping among adults is mustard (87.6%). Among kids, it is ketchup.

Blog Wed. 7/22


Nicole Kidman wishes she would have met Keith Urban earlier in her life so she could have more babies with him. 

She tells Vogue, "I mean, if I could have had two more children with him, that would have been just glorious. But as Keith says, ‘The wanting mind, Nicole. Shut it down.’”

She and Keith have two children of their own and two adult children whom Nic adopted with Tom Cruise when they were married. 

Nicole is on the cover of the August issue of the magazine. 


Just in case life handed some of his passengers lemons, a Boston bus driver decided to give them all lemonade – purchased at a stand that some kids had set up along his route.

John Lohan noticed the elementary-schoolers camped out at the side of the road and asked his passengers if they'd like to stop for a cool drink, his treat. Lohan said he'd keep going if anyone was in too much of a hurry. Nobody was. So Lohan pulled his rig over and grabbed a glass for each of the riders.

The driver said he was amazed to find the price of a glass of lemonade hadn't changed since he sold it as a kid. “I was surprised by that,” he said. “Decades ago, it was 50 cents. I thought it was a good deal.” (Boston Globe)


Some garbage cans in New York City are now broadcasting free WiFi. How cool – and useful – is that?

Bigbelly, a waste management company based in Massachusetts, is upgrading its fancy, solar-powered "smart" trash bins with free WiFi hotspot capabilities.

The new technology will not only let people connect to the Interwebs, it will also allow the company to collect data on waste management, and even display public messages. (City Lab)


For a long time, cable companies have been selling bundles of channels and demanding that customers pay a flat fee.

That means you get the Food Network, even if you don’t want it, as well as Lifetime and Oprah’s channel.

Well, things are shaking up a bit as people are clamoring for the un-bundling of these channels. People want to pick and choose what they subscribe to.

If this happens – and it really looks like it will sometime soon – ESPN could be kind of expensive.

Did you know that, right now, everybody who has cable pays $6.10 to have ESPN included in their bundle?

Well, if they blow everything up and let people pick and choose their channels, one industry insider believes ESPN will cost $36.30.

That’s about $435 per year for Chris Berman and Monday Night Football games.

Would it be worth it? (Forbes)


Gotta love it … A 79-year-old woman snuck out of her nursing home … to go get a tattoo.

Sadie Sellers, a grandmother of 11, left the retirement home with her 22-year-old granddaughter, Samantha. Sadie told reporters she decided to get some ink after seeing the tattoo Samantha had recently gotten. So the two of them went to a local tattoo parlor and Sadie got an outline of a heart on her left arm.

"I asked the fella how long it would take and he said it had finished five minutes ago. I never felt a thing. He just laughed at me," she said. When other customers asked Sadie how her family would feel about her getting a tattoo, the rebel grandma replied, “I don’t [bleepin’] care.”  (Woman’s Day)

Blog Tuesday 7/21

A drunk New York man is lucky to be alive and uninjured after he was run over by a freight train while trying to take a nap on the tracks.  

Police in Upstate New York say 38-year-old Aaron Collins was extremely intoxicated when he decided to sleep off a night of drinking in the middle of the train tracks. When he woke up, he found himself lying underneath the train. Luckily for him, the conductor of the mile-long train spotted him and slammed on the brakes. The train stopped, but not before the first two engines had rolled over him.

Rescuers were able to separate the cars and pull him out. Cops say Collins was uninjured but still extremely drunk. He was taken to the hospital to be checked out. (Albany Times-Union)

Steven Tyler found love, and his dog, in an elevator over the weekend at a hotel in Edmonton, Canada.

A man named Ken Morrison and his bride had just finished taking photographs before their wedding at the hotel and were waiting for the elevator. When the doors opened up, they stepped inside and found a collarless Shih Tzu. So they picked the dog up to deliver it to the front desk. When the elevator reached the lobby, they were met by an excited Tyler who shouted, "OMG, you found my dog!" The groom then shouted, "OMG! You’re Steven Tyler!" Tyler, who was holding his other dog, then hung around to chat with the wedding couple for 15 minutes and posed for pictures. (TMZ)


An Irish crook's attempt to make off with a taxicab tanked -- after he was forced to abandon the vehicle due to an empty gas tank!

Dylan Keegan Duignan hailed the cab and took a $25 ride before saying he needed to get out to get the cash for the fare -- and then pulled a knife on the cabbie, stealing his cell phone, wallet and taxi. An eyewitness called police to report the crime, but by the time they arrived at the scene, Duignan had driven off -- only to run out of gas a few blocks away.

The 21-year-old didn't give up there, though. He decided to walk to the nearest service station to buy a can of gasoline to refill the tank -- and was in the process of trying to do that when he was arrested. A source says Duignan is"from a good family" and blames the incident on a booze-and-pill bender. (Irish Examiner)


The Missed Connections section of Craigslist is a great place to go if you've crossed paths with someone you were attracted to but perhaps were too shy to talk to. An Austin, Texas, man recently encountered a woman at the supermarket and, while he did talk to her a little bit, he didn't get her name or her number. In fact, the only information he was able to gather during their brief encounter is that she's not ashamed to rip one in public.

So he posted a "Missed Connections" ad on Craigslist in hopes of finding the flatulent object of his affection. He writes, "You were the tall brunette with the near-perfect body who farted in the bread section last night. I was the tall guy next to you who asked, 'Was that you?' You quickly replied, 'No! Wasn't me' and almost seemed insulted I would ask. As the stink grew, you continued to deny the flatulence, but it was evident." He continued, "You are beautiful, and even if you're a liar and fart like a Clydesdale, I'd love to meet up sometime." We wish him luck. (BroBible)


More history for women's soccer ... for the first time ever, female soccer players will be on the cover of EA Sports FIFA video game series.

The U.S. Team's Alex Morgan and Canada's Christine Sinclair will be paired with FC Barcelona star Lionel Messi on the covers for the U.S. and Canadian releases of FIFA 16. Stephanie Catley will appear with Messi on Australia's version.

"It gives women’s soccer another platform to showcase the advancement in the sport," Morgan told the Huffington Post. "Just the fact that women’s sports in general is continuing to be a mainstream thing and creating more awareness, more popularity – and it’s exciting to be part of the history in the making right now."


"Room Service ... I'd like a bottle of champagne and a new pair of skinny jeans." Sounds like a dream – but if you're staying at the Virgin Hotel in Chicago you can actually get a new pair of jeans delivered to your hotel room.

The hotel chain has partnered with Gap so guests can basically call room service and some new jeans will be delivered to their door. (Bustle)


The climate-change debate isn't going to die down anytime soon, but there's one thing we know for sure -- last month was the warmest June on record, globally.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, global temperatures were 1.58 degrees Fahrenheit above the 20th century average and .22 degrees above the previous record -- which was set just last year. On land, temps were 2.27 degrees above the 20th century average and .11 degrees above the record, set in 2012.

If current trends continue, 2015 will be the warmest year on record, surpassing last year's all-time high. (CBS News)


No major movies come out on video this week. But a couple of direct-to-video releases are worth checking out.

  • Scooby-Doo and KISS: Rock and Roll Mystery is a brand-new animated feature with the voices of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, as well as a host of Hollywood stars.
  • The law-and-order western Wild Horses boasts an all-star cast headlined by Josh Hartnett, Robert Duvall and James Franco.

TV that's new on video includes season seven of Robot Chicken, season seven of Ancient Aliens, the second season of Witches of East End and the first season of The Michael J. Fox Show.

Blog Monday 7/20


A British bar owner opened up his pub one morning last week and found it had been trashed in the nuttiest way possible -- by a clearly drunken squirrel!

Sam Boulte, who runs the private Honeybourne Railway Club, says he thought an intruder might still be on the scene when he came in to find glasses smashed, bottles flung around and beer poured on the floor. As he started to case the joint, he spotted the perp, who looked a little under the weather -- a squirrel staggering around behind the display of snack chips.

Boulte told the BBC, "He must have flung himself on the handle and drank some as he was staggering around all over the place and moving a bit slowly. I've never seen a drunk squirrel before. He was sozzled and looked a bit worse for wear, shall we say."

He managed to capture the critter in a trash can and take it outside without incident. (BBC)


Luke Bryan is about to launch an app that's all about the fans.

It will feature real-time live streaming, custom-made and exclusive video, audio and images, fan chats, a chance to win exclusive prizes and more. Luke says, “I really see it as the perfect opportunity to connect with my fans in a very meaningful and direct way.” 

Luke is no stranger to giving fans a special experience. He once spotted a fan wearing one of his T-shirts and gave a moment she'll never forget. 

"I'm literally in my truck just chilling and I look over and right on the sidewalk is a girl with a Luke Bryan t-shirt on. My window comes down and (makes horn noise) 'Nice t-shirt'.' I look in my rearview mirror and her and her friends are just having the best day ever."

You can download the app on July 24th and try it out for the first month free. 


A would-be carjacker's attempt to take an Omaha, Nebraska woman's vehicle was foiled by the owner's short legs.

Police say Suzanna Menjivar was on her way to work when she parked her car and got out. Just then, a man ran up to her with a gun and demanded her car. She handed over her keys and stood by waiting to see the thug drive off, but he didn't go anywhere. The woman is very short and had the driver's seat pushed all the way toward the steering wheel. The carjacker wasn't able to fit in the seat and couldn't figure out how to adjust. He even asked the woman to do it, but she told him she didn't know how. So the crook got frustrated and gave up.

He jumped out of the car and ran away. Police haven't been able to identify him. (Omaha World-Herald)


It may have been the scariest moment in the history of sports -- pro surfer Mick Fanning is OK after being attacked by a great white shark during a competition in South Africa.

The TV footage of the event is amazing. During Sunday's finals of the J-Bay Open, you see a large fin moving quickly toward Fanning, and then a great deal of thrashing in the water. For a moment a wave obscures the view of Fanning as rescuers race in. He's then seen swimming toward shore and climbing onto a sled on the back of a jet-ski.

Amazingly, Fanning suffered no injuries. The shark bit off the ripcord of his surfboard, but he's fine. Unsurprisingly, the competition was suspended indefinitely. (Surfermagazine)


Recently we told you how Instagram banned the hashtag #Curvy. Well, curvy women aren’t taking it lying down.

People who used to post under #curvy are now posting at #curvee instead. And there are also hashtags popping up including #bringcurvyback.

"Instagram is a shambles for deleting this word. You can't stop us!" Instagram usermcstephanton wrote.

"I love my curves, I embrace my curves, I wear clothes that showcase them to the fullest and make me feel incredible," user mayahthomas1 wrote.

Take that, Instagram! (Redbook)


This is so cool … Lucia Baratta and John Sessions of Seattle, Washington, had planned the perfect destination wedding in Scotland. But sometimes there are hiccups in even the best laid plans, and for Lucia, the hiccup was a big one … her wedding dress was lost when her luggage went missing.

Lucia and John were staying at the Kirkwall Hotel in Kirkwall, Scotland, and when they told staff there about their dress woes, what happened next was straight out of a movie …

Staff posted following message on the hotel Facebook page:

A Request for help!! We have a couple staying with us who are due to get married tomorrow afternoon. Their luggage has gone missing in transit, and she has no wedding dress, no wedding shoes, no wedding anything! Is there anyone that might be able to lend any of the above for an afternoon? The lady is 5 feet tall and a UK size 8. She wears a size 7.5 shoe.

People in the town responded in the most amazing way. Not only did they come up with 12 wedding dresses in her size and shoes to match, but they came up with every accessory imaginable – veils, tiaras, makeup and even flowers.

“The outpouring from the community has been incredible," said Lucia, who invited everyone who made her day possible to come and visit her in Seattle." (Woman’s Day)


Do you have an awesome idea? It doesn’t have to be big … it just has to be, well, awesome. If so, you could get a thousand bucks.

The Awesome Foundation provides $1,000 grants for people with great ideas.

The grants have gone to everything from a community garden in Adelaide, South Australia; to a summer drumming program in Madison, Wisconsin; to a live-action version of that Dogs Playing Poker painting in Ottawa, Ontario. (Bustle)



Posted: Sunday 02:29PM Jul. 19, 2015 PT

1. Ant-Man - $58 million
2. Minions - $50.2 million
3. Trainwreck - $30.2 million
4. Inside Out - $11.7 million
5. Jurassic World - $11.4 million

Ant-Man, with Paul Rudd in the title role, scored big at the weekend box office, earning $58 million. It's the 12th straight Marvel movie to open at number-one.

Minions dropped from first to second with $50.2 million. The animated flick has earned $216.7 million in 10 days.

Despite heavy promotion and Judd Apatow directing, the raunchy Amy Schumercomedy Trainwreck opened third with $30.2 million.

Inside Out dropped from third to fourth with $11.7 million.

Jurassic World fell from second to fifth with $11.4 million. The blockbuster has now surpassed the $600 million mark ($611.2 million) domestically. Only three other movies have done that --  Marvel's The Avengers ($623.4 million), Titanic ($658.7 million) and Avatar ($760.5 million). 

TRAINWRECK: Aaron (Bill Had

Blog Friday 7/17

A California mechanic to decided to take a joyride in a car he was servicing, but his run for the border ended when he made a pit stop at a Taco Bell -- where its owner was working as a manager.

Randy Jones was stunned when his Nissan, which was supposed to be in the shop, pulled up to the drive-thru. He assured himself it was just a car that looked like his -- until he saw the driver wearing a uniform from the garage he was using. Following an investigation, it was found that two employees had driven miles off the official route used to test diagnostics, breaking strict company policy and getting themselves fired.

Jones was offered a discount on services completed as well as a slew of upgrades, but was still unhappy, saying, “I don’t know what those gentlemen could have done in my car.” (Motor Torque)

Odds are, you will not get into a bar fight this weekend. But … you might.

If you do – and if you lose – you might come out the other end of it with a black eye.

Don’t worry. It happens to the best of us.

Once you’re injured, it’s time for rehab. Here’s a rundown of some of the best cold foods to apply to that black eye to get you looking normal as fast as possible.

  • Steak – It's a classic… for a reason. It’s cool and flexible, allowing you to reduce swelling, while dreaming of a steak dinner.
  • Burger patty – It’s poor man’s steak. Sausage and turkey patties also work.
  • Frozen peas – Another classic. A little less sexy, but definitely effective.
  • Frozen waffle – Don’t be afraid to dig deep into the back of your freezer and get whatever’s there. Waffles, hot pockets, whatever. If it’s cold, lay it on there. (Thrillist)


A new trend is emerging in the world of weddings. It seems more and more guys are rolling up their sleeves and playing a very active role in the planning of the event.

Not only that, many guys are also skipping their bachelor parties – and replacing them with “showers.” But instead of them being bridal showers, these laid back parties are being called “bro-dal” showers.

So instead of hitting a dive bar and getting wasted with friends, these guys want to be rewarded for all their hard wedding planning work with an extravagant party. They’re saying no to nachos and pitchers of beer – and yes to champagne and cucumber sandwiches.

Clearly, this is a problem and it must end before our civilization crumbles beneath our feet. (Refinery29)


A hotel in Japan is offering the best wedding perk ever … alpacas.

At the Epinard hotel in Japan's Tochigi Prefecture you can rent an alpaca for $400 to make your big day even more special. The alpaca (and a trainer) will even walk you down the aisle. Naturally you can pose for photos with the alpaca afterwards. And because the hotel is located right next to an alpaca farm, your guests can rent as many alpacas they want. (Buzzfeed)

Blog Thursday 7/16


Utah cops are peppering a suspect with questions after arresting him for trying to put some spice in his love life -- by dousing his girlfriend with hot sauce and trying to push her into an oven.

Joseph Anthony Castellanos got into a heated argument with the victim after he complained that she didn't visit him at work often enough for his liking. Though the dispute started out purely verbal, Castellanos eventually ramped it up, slapping the woman and refusing to let her leave the kitchen where the tussle had begun.

He then got really saucy, grabbing bottles of ranch dressing and Tabasco, and pouring them all over her before trying to shove her into the oven -- which was only big enough to fit her feet. She leapt up while he was trying to come up with a Plan B and managed to call 911, which dispatched officers to grill him. (Metro)


A British man was just fishing for attention at a soccer game earlier this year, but a judge decided to put the bite on him -- for attacking a referee with a large inflatable shark.

Kenny Meech joined almost 1000 supporters of his local Grimsby squad on a trip south to see them play arch-rival Barnet. But when the quality of play went south as well, Meech ran along the sideline and tapped several stewards with the shark, which he says he's been bringing to games for years.

The victimized steward, working only his second game, said he was "terrified" about the whole thing, while Meech said the incident was "a spontaneous act caused by jubilation." The judge didn't buy that, fining him about $200 and court costs -- and ordering him to remain finless at his next game. (Grimsby Telegraph)


Through the years, Lay’s potato chips has done a great job of rolling out new flavors here and there. Some hit. Some miss. But, give them credit for trying.

Well, one of the ways they’ve continued to be innovative is by inviting people to offer up their own ideas in the “Do Us a Flavor” competition.

Out of millions of submissions, the contest is down to four finalists, which include:

  1. “Southern Biscuits and Gravy”
  2. “Kettle Cooked Greektown Gyro”
  3. “New York Reuben”
  4. “Wavy West Coast Truffle Fries”

Not sure if any of those would be tastier than good ol’ “Sour Cream and Onion,” but give them credit for creativity.

Voting officially begins on July 27 and runs through October 18 on the Do Us a Flavor website.

Fans can also vote on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtags #VoteTruffleFries, #VoteBiscuits, #VoteReuben, or #VoteGyro.

Dig in! (Yahoo)


A guy in California was so sick of all the wedding and engagement photos cluttering up his Facebook feed that he decided to take some romantic pictures of his own.

28-year-old David Sikorsky took a series of pics with what he says is his one true love – a carne asada burrito from Taqueria La Cumbre in San Francisco.

Sikorsky told the Huffington Post, “I’ve reached the age where my Facebook is now filled with engagement and baby photos. Back in 2005/2006, it was filled with incriminating photos of my friends’ weekend escapades. With so many domesticated photos of staged afternoon picnics in the park or holding hands running along the beach, I figured people would be interested in sharing the happiness of my own current love life situation as well.”

The pics feature Sikorsky and the burrito running on the beach, standing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, and even having a picnic in the park … complete with champagne.


So Amazon’s Prime Day was yesterday, but apparently people were not exactly blown away by the savings. In fact, many people complained about products going so fast they were put on “wait lists” and others said the markdowns were only for products that no one really wanted.

The real winner? Amazon, of course – which got more people to sign up for the Prime membership program. (Washington Post)


This is great news … especially for pigs. Scientists have developed a superfood seaweed that apparently tastes just like bacon.

Researchers at Oregon State University have developed  a red marine algae called "dulse" that they say has “a pretty strong bacon flavor” when fried in a pan. And this algae has twice the nutritional value of kale. A superfood that tastes like bacon? Science is awesome. (KPTV)

Blog Wednesday 7/15


A Tennessee woman who was caught counterfeiting dead presidents blamed a live president -- and said that Barack Obama personally gave her the OK to pass funny money around her home state.

Pamela Downs was nabbed for trying to pay a gas station clerk with some badly faked cash on Sunday night, but insisted she was doing nothing wrong -- because she read online that President Obama had given her permission to print her own currency. The clerk, who called 911 to report the incident while Downs was still at the pump, immediately recognized the bill had been printed on regular computer paper and each side had been glued together but was falling apart.

The responding officer searched Downs and found more funny money, including a $100 bill printed in black and white, and asked her what was going on -- which prompted her to inform him that Obama had given her the green light to print her own money because she is on a fixed income. (Kingsport News-Times)


Florida cops managed to take a bite out of crime after a pit bull took a bite out of a relative of a criminal -- who called 911 for medical help, but ended up in jail instead.

Emergency responders were dispatched to the scene of a dog attack in Tampa on Sunday, and when they arrived, they found a woman sitting on the porch with numerous bleeding lacerations. They also smelled a strong odor of marijuana emanating from the house and went inside to scope out the premises, where they found large amounts of weed, psychedelic mushrooms and crystal meth.

Jonathan Cintron and Michael Portelli were arrested and taken to the Orient Road Jail, while their 63-year-old roommate Allene Canterbury was taken to a local hospital for observation (WTSP)


John "Papa John" Schnatter, the red-shirted pizza CEO, just took out a huge insurance policy for his hands.

He had his custom-made policy written up by Lloyd’s of London for a whopping $15.4 million. That comes out to about $1.5 million per finger.

While it was obviously pretty much just a publicity stunt, the company said John's "pizza maker's touch" is the key ingredient in the pizza chain's success.

So … if something would happen to John’s hands, he’d lose this “touch.” And … the pizza chain would fall apart? That would be a bummer, especially considering Papa John's is worth about $240 million. (Thrillist)


According to a new survey from GroomingLounge.com, which is a website that sells men's grooming supplies, Seattle, Washington, is the most handsome city in the U.S.

To be clear here … They didn’t actually scan the streets looking for handsome guys when making this claim. Instead, they crunched sales numbers and found the men of Seattle spend more on grooming stuff than any other city.

Here’s a rundown of the Top 10 most handsome cities in the U.S. Or, at the very least, the 10 cities where men spend the most money on their looks:

  1. Seattle
  2. San Francisco
  3. Washington, D.C.
  4. Boston
  5. Denver
  6. New York
  7. Austin, Texas
  8. Nashville
  9. Atlanta
  10. Minneapolis (Street Insider)


Men of a certain age remember watching Sonny Crocket and Rico Tubbs chase bad guys around Miami, while driving a white Ferrari Testarossa, in the 1980s show Miami Vice.

At the time, that Ferrari was arguably the most famous car on the planet.

Well, it’s currently for sale.

It will be auctioned off on August 15th in Monterey, California, which means you have a chance to own a very fast, very powerful piece of nostalgia – that only has 16,000 miles on it.

Of course, if you haven’t saved up enough money since that show was on the air, you can always relive those glory days by putting a more reasonably priced vintage poster up on your wall. (Fox News)


Traveling this summer? Maybe you should schedule a stopover at one of these airports. According to a Travel + Leisure, these airport offer travelers fine food, luxury shopping, entertainment and more. Here are the Top 5:

5. Munich Airport, Munich, Germany: This airport has a beer garden with live music, Bavarian pastry shops, and even sleeping pods.

4. Zurich Airport, Zurich, Switzerland: Self-service check-ins, two rooftop terraces and views of the alps make this airport worth a layover.

3. Amsterdam Airport, Sciphol, Netherlands: This airport boasts a museum, a library, outdoor terraces, and a five-star Hilton is coming soon.

2. Hong King International Airport, Hong Kong, China: A golf course, IMAX movie theater, fine food and attached hotel with spa services are just some of the reasons this airport is a great place to wait for your flight.

1. Changi International Airport, Singapore, China: A butterfly habitat, rooftop pool, five gardens featuring everything from waterfalls to orchids, movie theaters, high-end restaurants, and snooze lounges make this airport more like a resort than a place to get on a plane. (Time)


Did you know there was a Psychic Capital of the World? Better yet, did you know it was in the U.S.?

Apparently the tiny town of Cassadaga, Florida, is home to the most practicing psychic mediums. Of the town’s 100 residents, more than half are psychics. (Business Insider)

In a recent Tweet reality "star" Farrah Abraham revealed that her 6-year-old daughter got a whopping $600 from the Tooth Fairy for her two front teeth. 600 dollars?! $300 a tooth?! Really? (Cosmo)


In spite his controversial comments about Mexican immigrants -- or maybe because of them -- Donald Trump is leading the Republican race for president, according to a newUSA Today/Suffolk University Poll.

Those participating in the poll had mixed reactions to Trump. Steve Fusaro, a 59-year-old from San Clemente, California said, "He's got some backbone. We need a businessman."

Buxton McGuckin, a 19-year-old from Columbia, South Carolina who favors Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, offered the flipside view of Trump. "I know he's a conservative and Republican but I mean...the (stuff) that comes out of his mouth."

However, the same poll has Trump ranked as the worst performing competitor among the top seven Republican candidates against leading Democrat, Hillary Clinton.

According to the country-wide poll, Trump is number-one among Republicans with 17%, followed by former Florida governor Jeb Bush with 14%

Though when matched up against former Secretary of State Clinton, Trump fares the worst of the top-seven GOP candidates, lagging behind by 17 points -- 51% to 34%. Bush matches up the best against Clinton, but still trails her by four points -- 46%-to-42%.

The poll of 1,000 adults was conducted via landline and cellphone from Thursday through Sunday. It has 3% margin of error. (USA Today)

Blog Tuesday 7/14

108-year-old Evelyn Jones is a huge Seattle Mariners fan, and on Saturday night she made Major League Baseball history. Jones, accompanied by her 85-year-old daughter and a couple of her grandkids, became the oldest person to throw out a ceremonial first pitch at a Major League Baseball game. She soft-tossed an underhand pitch to the Mariners' Felix Hernandez and stood at home plate as the entire stadium sang "Happy Birthday" to her. (ESPN)


Whoever says money doesn't grow on trees has never been to Germany. 

Some hikers were walking along a path when they noticed money falling out of a tree. They stood amazed as 50 euro bills rained down on them. Realizing that this isn't exactly a common occurrence, they notified authorities, who came by and discovered a plastic bag in the tree containing what amounted to $200,000.

Authorities are now trying to figure out who the cash belongs to. The owner of the campsite says it's his money, but authorities are still investigating. Meanwhile, the hikers who found it have been allowed to keep $6000 as a reward. If the real owner is not identified after six months, the hikers will get to keep all of it. (Time)


Women often say men are pigs, and if they're talking about 64-year-old Larry William Henry, they might be right.

The Pennsylvania man was arrested at a private barn after cops found him naked in a pig pen with several hogs. Henry, who was actually once banned from the property after a similar trespassing incident in 2011, told cops he was there because "I really like pigs." We assume he was referring to actual pigs and not the arresting officers. He also informed officers that he was drunk, as if they couldn't have guessed.

He was arrested and charged with criminal trespass, defiant trespass and public drunkenness. (WPVI-TV)


A pub in Scotland used to feature male bar staff wearing traditional kilts. Not anymore.

Male employees at Hootananny in Inverness, Scotland, have been forced to switch to pants, due to rowdy female patrons who lift up their kilts to check if they're "true Scotsmen."

"You get large groups of drinking women circling around when you are collecting glasses and asking whether you are [a] true Scotsman – and they find out for themselves," Iain Howie, the bar's assistant manager, told the Inverness Courier. (People)


The U.S. Women's Soccer Team has made history … again.

Sports Illustrated has decided to give the team not one, but 25 separate magazine covers – one for each member of the team, one for coach Jill Ellis, and a special subscriber edition that features the whole team in a group shot. (Huffington Post


This week's big new video releases are all over the map.

  • Ex Machina stars Alicia Vikander as that super-hot AI robot. Domhnall Gleeson is the scientist in charge of testing her out -- and to nobody's surprise, things get out of control.
  • The low-budget horror flick It Follows centers on Maika Monroe as a hook-up somehow turns into an inescapable sense that something or someone is following her.
  • Britt Roberson and Scott Eastwood star in The Longest Ride, the latest Nicholas Sparks novel to hit the big screen. Eastwood is an injured bull rider trying to make a comeback when his path collides with that of college student Roberson. Alan Alda andLolita Davidovich co-star.
  • Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 follows everyone's favorite rent-a-cop to a security guard convention in Las Vegas. Of course, he stumbles onto a heist and has to apprehend the bad guys.
  • Dev PatelJudi DenchMaggie Smith and Bill Nighy, along with newcomerRichard Gere, are all back for The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. This go-round, Patel tries to balance his imminent wedding with his desire to expand his hotel empire.

Blog Monday 7/13


A German man is feeling the heat after he crashed his bicycle into a restaurant and chugged a bottle of Tabasco sauce.

Authorities say the 34-year-old was drunk when he stole a bicycle off the street overnight, tossed it through the restaurant window and drank half a bottle of the hot sauce. Police arrived on the scene and arrested him inside the restaurant. They say he told them he'd drunk the Tabasco because he was thirsty.

After, he said he was tired and wanted to get some sleep. He was able to do that in a jail cell. (Rakyat Post)


David Letterman surprised an audience in San Antonio, Texas on Saturday night by hopping onstage during a Steve Martin - Martin Short show -- and roasting Donald Trump with a new Top 10 list.

Dave, who stepped down from his talk show in May, told the audience, “I retired and…I had no regrets. None. I was happy. I’ll make actual friends. I was complacent, I was satisfied, I was content. And then a couple of days ago, Donald Trump said he was running for president. I have made the biggest mistake of my life, ladies and gentlemen.”

He then launched into a classic Top 10 list, including "fun facts" about Trump, including:

  • That thing on his head was the gopher in Caddyshack.
  • Donald Trump has [ticked] off so many Mexicans that he’s starring in a movie called No Amigos.
  • During sex, Donald Trump calls out his own name


According to a new survey, more people would rather have nude photos leak than their financial information.

About 77% of people surveyed by Mastercard admitted to being worried about the security of their financial information – compared to 55% who said they were concerned about leaked nude pictures.

The survey also found that 59% of people are afraid of their home being robbed and 62% are concerned about an email hack. (Market Watch)



1. Minions: $115.2 million

2. Jurassic World: $18.1 milllion

3. Inside Out: $17.1 million

4. Terminator: Genisys: $13.7 million

5. The Gallows: $10 milllion


A Florida man had trouble finding the funny bone in one police officer -- who hauled him off to jail for hunkering down in a hotel pool and refusing to come out until someone tickled him.

Bryan Chao and his wife went on a rampage at a hotel in the town of Naples, drinking their honor bar dry, then heading down to the pool where they pulled the fire alarm and climbed into the water. Cops were summoned to the scene where they found Chao lounging in the pool, but when they ordered him out, he shrugged them off, insisting they tickle him first.

The deputy didn't find the request amusing, so he grabbed the 24-year old and attempted to cuff him, but found that the plus-sized Chao's wrists were too hefty for the handcuffs. Ultimately, he was subdued and taken off to jail, which may or may not have given him the giggle he was looking for. (Miami New Times)


The embattled Miss USA pageant went on as scheduled Sunday night with Oklahoma'sOlivia Jordan winning the crown.

Co-owner Donald Trump was a no-show after nearly torpedoing the beauty pageant with his controversial remarks about Mexican immigrants made while announcing his campaign for president.

After NBC dropped the show and several judges, guests and hosts bailed out in wake of Trump's remarks that many Mexican immigrants were drug pushers and rapists, that pageant was left to find a new home on cable channel Reelz.

Despite the controversy, there were no obvious interruptions on stage or in the audience during the live telecast from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Trump, who usually is on hand for the pageant, said he was too busy campaigning to attend.

Ironically, the 26-year-old Jordan won the pageant due in part to her strong  answer about an issue related to the immigration finger-pointing that nearly derailed the pageant. She said, "We still need to talk about race relations in country, we have not solved this issue. We really need to work on being an accepting society." (Reuters)  

Blog Friday 7/10


A black lab in Pennsylvania named Tiki hadn't been feeling well, and after a trip to the vet, it's no wonder why. 

Tiki's owner noticed the pooch seemed to be in distress, so her vet decided to do some exploratory surgery to see what was going on inside -- and what he discovered looked a lot like a laundry basket. Tiki wasn't feeling well because she had a huge appetite and swallowed 62 hair bands, eight pairs of underwear, a Band-Aid and four rubber bands.

All of the items were safely removed from her stomach and Tiki is said to be recovering well from the surgery. (WTAE-TV)


A New Jersey man was way too drunk to drive but smart enough to realize that, so he got on the phone to call for a ride. That sounds like a responsible thing to do -- but he made a very big mistake.

Instead of calling a friend or taxi company, 38-year-old Dario Guitierrez-Diaz dialed 911 and asked the dispatcher to send a police officer. And to make sure an officer came, he also told the dispatcher that there was a car accident involving injuries. After a few minutes, when officers still hadn't arrived, he actually called again to ask where they were. Soon after, officers arrived expecting to find a car wreck, but all they found was a drunk moron asking them for a ride home.

Guitierrez-Diaz was arrested and charged with making a false report and improper behavior. (NJ.com)


Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford went their separate ways 15 years ago when she left the morning show they co-hosted -- but they're set to join forces again on the fourth hour of NBC's Today Show.

Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb made the announcement on Thursday's show, saying that Reeg would drop in a couple days a week as a "contributor" to the boozy last hour. Gifford joked, "I wish we could have him every day, but he's very busy."

Kelly Ripa replaced Gifford on Live! in 2000, while Philbin left in 2011 after a 28-year run.


A Florida man wasn't ready for his close-up, but got one anyway -- after stealing one surveillance camera during a robbery, but leaving another one to capture him in the act.

Brian Isom broke into Kim's Cabbage Patch by shattering the front door with a brick, then walking inside to survey the joint. Seeing a camera mounted on the wall, he disassembled it and stuffed it into a bag, then grabbed a variety of items, including a bucket containing about a hundred bucks worth of quarters.

What Isom didn't notice was the second camera, which showed him covering his hands with T-shirts to avoid leaving fingerprints. Unfortunately for him, his face was clearly visible to the cop who viewed it and instantly recognized him from multiple previous run-ins, including busts for grand theft auto, burglary and possessing cocaine. (Lake County Daily Commercial)


A Virginia father recently received the most unexpected gift in the mail ... and it's one he had to wait 26 years for.

Just a couple of days after Father's Day, Duane Schrock Sr. opened his mail and found a card from his son, Duane Schrock Jr., who had actually died in 1995. Somehow the card, which his son wrote and sent in 1989, got lost in the mail but recently resurfaced and completed its delivery. 

Schrock Sr., who is now 89, says, "Somebody picked up the ball and carried it and after all these years they must still have forwarded it. I still kind of tear up when I think about it." 

The card read, "Dear Dad. We haven't been in touch for quite a while. I'm doing fine and am very happy in Richmond. I'd like to hear from you. Have a Happy Father's Day. Love, Duane." Schrock says the reason they hadn't been in touch was because he had a difficult time accepting the fact that his son was gay. He eventually died of AIDS.

Schrock says it was a great gift because it was “like a sign from heaven that his son is doing just fine." (TIME)


This proves a bad deed can't put the brakes on a good one ... When someone stole 100 bikes from Conkey Cruisers, a program in Rochester, New York, that promotes exercise and gives bikes to kids without one, the community responded by donating more than 400 bikes to replace those that were stolen.

“When we reached out to our community for a bike drive, we ended up with a sea of bicycles,” program director Theresa Bowick told Good Morning America. “Every two to three minutes, my phone is ringing with someone wanting to donate bicycles.”


Children never want to spend time with their parents, but three Michigan are taking that to a new extreme. They've been ordered to spend the summer in juvenile detention because they won't have lunch with their father.

Wayne County Family Court Judge Lisa Gorcyca, who issued the order, is presiding over a contentious divorce that has been going on for more than five years. Last month, she held the children, ages nine to 14, in contempt of court because she'd insisted they attempt to have a healthy relationship with their father, a noted engineer for GM. She believes their mother, a pediatric eye doctor and assistant University of Michigan professor, has poisoned the kids' minds. 

Newly released court records show that Gorcyca ordered the children held on June 24th. They've insisted that their father is violent and has hit their mother, but the judge disputes that account, calling him a "good man." In fact, the father opposes the detention of the kids, even though the refuse to see him. (USA Today)


Amazingly, Tim Tebow – who is currently the third-string quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles – has the 16th best-selling jersey in the NFL.

New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. holds the top spot, and he’s followed by four quarterbacks: Marcus MariotaTom BradyColin Kaepernick, and Aaron Rodgers.

Those players are game changers. Tim Tebow? He might not even make the team. But people love him, regardless of his limitations as a pro football player. (NFL)



According to a new study from Oregon State University, a diet high in fat and sugar leads to diminished "cognitive flexibility."

In other words, chowing down on junk food could be making you dumber.

It seems that fatty and sugary foods mess with the chemistry in your body, which ends up messing with the chemistry in your brain, causing your brain to not function at a high level.

So the next time you’re tempted to reach for an unhealthy snack, think about all those brain cells it will cost you. (Take Part)

Blog Tuesday 7/7


A Canadian man with a harebrained scheme for flying actually got himself up in the air Sunday using a lawn chair, 120 large balloons and $12,000 (Canadian) worth of helium. He ended up with a broken foot and a pile of legal trouble.

Daniel Boria told the Toronto Star, “I was sitting in a lawn chair looking down through the clouds at 747 airplanes and looking up to a cluster of helium balloons."

You can watch a video of his liftoff here, but the audio track contains a bunch of obscenities from a delighted onlooker.

His plan was to skydive into the Calgary Stampede, the annual rodeo and festival held in Calgary, Alberta, as a marketing stunt for his environmentally friendly cleaning company, All Clean Natural. But he abandoned that idea once he was airborne. As he described it, "I rose to a certain altitude and the winds got pretty intense. I was somersaulting out the chair and it felt like minus 30. I watched below as the Stampede and my dream drifted away.” He crash-landed several miles away. 

Calgary police charged Boria with mischief causing danger to life, and federal charges are likely to follow. Boria seemed shocked by the outcome. “I did anticipate they would be a little upset. It’s already worse than I thought it would be.”


A handsome and successful 29-year-old man shouldn't have a lot of trouble finding a girlfriend, but Ren You says he's been very unlucky in love since he moved to Alabama nine months ago.

Ren is a good-looking finance worker with an MBA from Harvard who moved to Birmingham for a job with a private equity firm. Though he should be a catch for any young lady, he says his experiences with dating so far have all been disasters and he doubts he'll ever find a suitable mate in Alabama.

But he's not ready to give up yet and he's come up with a $10,000 challenge for anyone who wants to give matchmaking a try. Ren has created the website, DateRen.com, and is promising the cash reward for anyone who could find him someone he's willing to stick it out with for at least six months. He explains, "If you introduce me to a girl and I date her for more than six months, I'll pay you $10,000. It's pretty simple. I save a ton of time on finding romantic prospects and going on bad dates. You make a bunch of money for something you might have done for a friend, just for fun." 

Ren says he is seeking someone who is "intellectually curious," "physically active" and thinks ordering take-out and watching a movie  is "a good Saturday night." So far he's received 20 matches that he plans to follow up on soon. 


Phones and jeans just keep getting skinnier, but Oreos? The makers of the classic cookies think that fans will take even more pleasure in the classic cookies if there's a little less guilt – so they're introducing a new product called Oreo Thins. The new, slimmed-down snack will supposedly have the same flavor and a bit more crunch, but it'll be much tougher to pull them apart to eat the cream filling first.

Oreo thins, which will come in original, golden and mint flavors, go on sale July 13th. (People)



This is wild ... An architect in the city of Melbourne, Australia, has designed a skyscraper to look like Beyoncé's body.

The 68-story tower has curves in the front and curves in the back. And, it also supposedly moves.

A curvy skyscraper sounds fun, but a skyscraper that moves …? Not so much. (Gizmodo)


We've all seen the usual weather report graphics, but an app-maker just found a new and improved way to get across the forecast – using Kim Kardashian's fashion choices as a "barometer." Yes, now even the weather is in the control of the Kardashians.

To use the app, called KimGuru, just type in your location and you'll automatically get the current temperature – as well as a picture of what Kim might wear in those weather conditions. For a warm, cloudy day, you might see her in a long, white dress and some strappy shoes. If rain is in the forecast, she might add a long duster coat. If it's sunny, maybe a bikini. (Bustle)


If you like your social media a little milder than most folks, you might be interested in a new service called Facegloria – which describes itself as a "morally better" version of Facebook.

The founders of the Brazil-based site have banned about 600 words, mostly four-letter ones, any photos that might be deemed erotic, and any mention of sexual activity. They've also created a Facebook-like structure that replaces the "like" button with one that lets users say "amen." (Yahoo)


As you may have heard, the U.S. Women's Soccer Team won the World Cup ... and more than 20 million Americans tuned in to watch them beat Japan in the final game, making it the most watched soccer game in U.S. history. But despite their phenomenal play on the field and popularity at home, the U.S. women have little to show for it in the money department.

Get this: the women's teams gets paid 40 times less than the men's teams ... even the losing ones!

The total payout for the 2015 Women's World Cup is $15 million. The total for the Men's World Cup last year was $576 million.

It gets worse: The U.S. Women's Soccer team will earn $2 million for their victory – that's nearly 18 times less than the $35 million the German men's team got after winning the 2014 World Cup. And the U.S. Men's Soccer Team, which was ousted in the round of 16 in 2014, earned $8 million. Now that's a kick in the head. (Mother Jones)


There's really only one new video release that anyone cares about this week.

  • Bradley Cooper plays Navy SEAL marksman Chris Kyle in American SniperSienna Miller plays his widow Taya in the bio-pic about the top sniper in military history and the difficulty of his transition back to civilian life.
  • In Woman in GoldHelen Mirren is an aging Holocaust survivor looking to regain family possessions stolen by the Nazis -- including a Gustav Klimt painting held in Austria. Ryan Reynolds plays her attorney.

The third season of the Netflix political drama House of Cards headlines the TV that's new to video. For some lighter fare, check out the third season of Franklin and Bash. Also out today are classics such as the final season of Barney Miller and the first season of Archie Bunker's Place.

Blog Thursday 7/2


A Florida mom who works two jobs waiting tables to support her two-year-old son says she was going through a streak of bad luck before she became the recipient of a random act of kindness. 

While working her job at WingHouse, 22-year-old Kari Vanardoy delivered a $29 check to a couple of diners – and they handed her a $1,000 tip.

Kari says she initially thought it was a $10 tip but unfolded the bills and realized it was $1,000 and she started to cry. The couple told her it was for her and her son. They also told her that they were her guardian angels and if she ever needed anything to call them.

The large tip has already had a life-changing affect for Kari and her son. She immediately put it towards a bigger apartment that they are moving into next week. (NY Daily News)


This weekend, you might be grilling some steaks and burgers. As the smoke rises, feel free to tip your hat to the state of Texas, which produces over six billion pounds of cattle each year.

If you’re eating pork hot dogs and sausages, think about the good people of Iowa, who produce about a third of all the hogs and pigs in the US.

When the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776, there were 2.5 million people in America. Today, there are over 320 million.

This Fourth of July, Americans will purchase over $369 million worth of fireworks. So, light 'em if you got 'em. (Tennessean)


This Fourth of July, show your spirit by making a true American dessert: A red, white and blue cake stuffed with three kinds of pie.

Chef Charles Phoenix has created a Fourth of July version of the cherpumple (which is a concoction of different flavors of pies stuffed inside different layers of cakes). Phoenix's version is called the Cherbluble, and is made up of cherry pie, blueberry pie, apple pie, 3 boxes of cake mix, and 6 cans of cream cheese frosting topped with Pop Rocks and American flags. Get the recipe here. (Thrillist)


Traveling this weekend? If you’re dining out in one of these 10 cities, you’ll be paying big bucks. According to Hotels.com’s annual Club Sandwich Index (CSI), which analyzes the costs of hotel dining throughout the world, these are 10 Most Expensive Cities in the World to Eat In:

10. New York City:

  • Burger: $24.26
  • Cup of coffee: $5.38
  • Glass of house red wine: $12.31
  • Club Sandwich: $17.69
  • Total cost: $59.64

1. Geneva

  • Burger: $37.80
  • Cup of coffee: $6.19
  • Glass of house red wine: $12.13
  • Club Sandwich: $30.59
  • Total cost: $86.71 (Business Insider)


Are you taking a road trip with your significant other this holiday weekend? If so, chances are you’ll get in a fight. According to a new survey, 75% of people admit to arguing in the car.

GPS company TomTom, which conducted the survey, found that the main causes of these car-guments are:

  • Backseat driving – 48%
  • Traffic – 28%
  • Running late – 27%
  • Telling the driver how to react to other drivers – 27%
  • Music choices – 10%

More findings:

  • 25% say it’s being in tight quarters for a long time that leads to arguments.
  • 27% say the arguments lead to the silent treatment for much of the drive. (Yahoo)


Here's a new mash-up of movies-meeting-marketing: Hasbro has announced plans to bring Monopoly to the big screen!

The toy-making giant has partnered with Lionsgate Entertainment and Oscar-nominated screenwriter Andrew Niccol, whose credits include The Truman Show.

The plot centers on a boy from Baltic Avenue, one of the cheapest properties in the classic board game, who uses both Chance and Community cards to make his fortune.

Hasbro has previously hit the jackpot turning its GI Joe and Transformers toys into movie franchises. (Reuters)

Blog Wednesday 7/1

Greek billionaire Alki David is offering a quarter-of-a-million dollars to the first person willing to get naked and streak in front of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

This “contest” is part of a publicity effort to promote the documentary movie Lord of the Freaks, which happens to be about David.

Strange thing is, this isn’t the first time Alki David has offered up big bucks for a crazy stunt.

Back in 2010, he offered one million dollars to the first person to streak in front of President Barack Obama.

Before you send Alki David your resume, just remember that breaking the Indecent Exposure law in Chicago can get you one year of jail time and a fine of up to $2,500.

But then again, it might be worth it. (Boston Sun Times)

The rumors are true -- Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have split.

In a statement, the two said, "After much thought and careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to divorce. We go forward with love and friendship for one another and a commitment to co-parenting our children whose privacy we ask to be respected during this difficult time. This will be our only comment on this private, family matter. Thank you for understanding." 

Yesterday (Monday) was their 10th wedding anniversary. 

Ben and Jennifer -- who have three kids together -- intend to seek mediation, a source tells People magazine.

Rumors of the power couple's split ramped up after moving trucks were spotted outside their Brentwood home last week.


A Texas woman got herself into a real jam by wandering into a restaurant in her jammies -- and then drinking wine from the glasses of total strangers.

Audra Smith stopped in front of Tula's restaurant and tapped on the window to get the attention of one table of customers before strolling in and helping herself to their alcohol and throwing the empty glasses against a wall, causing them to shatter. Smith told the victims to call 911, where dispatchers "would know why" they were being summoned, and followed that up by overturning several planters and locking herself in the ladies room.

She was escorted off the premises and told emergency personnel that her freakout was due to a medical condition -- which doctors determined to be untrue. (Houston Chronicle)


A Massachusetts man had to a-"peel" for help after suffering a groin injury -- in a drive-by banana attack.

The man, whose name was not released, was spotted lying at the side of a busy street outside a convenience store, writhing in pain and asking someone to call 911. A bystander took pity and did just that, summoning cops to the scene to check on the commotion. Officer Richard Mazza wrote in his report: "The male party stated he was 'struck in the banana by a banana.' When asked what he meant, he stated he was struck in the groin by a banana thrown out of the window of a passing vehicle."

The man was taken to Noble Hospital and got a note telling his employers he needed to have the following day off work. Sounds like a "fruitful" way to spend an evening. (Westfield News)


Brantley Gilbert has married his long-time love Amber Cochran

E! reports that the couple wed at Brantley's home in Georgia. Brantley and Amber met 10 years ago in church and had dated on and off for five years. He says, "She's the one that got away for five years, and they always say if you love something you've got to let it go, and if it's meant to be, it'll come back. It's so cliché, but now it happened to me. So I'm a believer."

Amber was the inspiration behind his hits "More Than Miles" and "You Don't Know Her Like I Do."


The United States is headed back to the Women's World Cup final after beating Germany, 2-0, Tuesday night in Montreal.

Now the U.S. will play the winner of Wednesday's contest between Japan and England in the final on Sunday in Vancouver.

Carli Lloyd was once again the hero for the U.S. in Tuesday's game. She scored on a second-half penalty kick following Germany's miss. Then, she got an assist by setting upKelley O'Hara's goal in the game's 84th minute.

Lloyd also scored the winning goal in the team's win on Friday over China in the quarterfinals.

U.S. goalie Hope Solo also had another stellar game, leaving her opponents scoreless for the fifth consecutive game and extending the team's goal-less streak against their opponents to 513 minutes. (The New York Times)

Blog Tuesday 6/30


A gun range owner in Florida is making a play for a permit to allow him to serve alcohol.

Ron Perkinson, owner of Volusia Top Gun, claims he’s not being reckless here.

“Safety is obviously key,” Perkinson said. “Everything is going to be revolved around safety.”

He plans on keeping tabs on those who drink by holding their driver’s licenses.

And, he also wants to “reinforce” the walls so that adjacent businesses don’t have to deal with pesky stray bullets. Which is nice.

If this thing goes through, Perkinson has a system in place that makes sure you won’t be able to get hammered and then re-enter the gun range. Once your license is scanned for an alcoholic beverage, you won’t be able to get back in the shooting range for 24 hours. (Death and Taxes)


According to a new study, here’s a rundown of the careers psychopaths gravitate towards most:

10. Civil Servant

9. Chef

8. Clergy

7. Police Officer

6. Journalist

5. Surgeon

4. Salesperson

3. Media (Television/Radio)

2. Lawyer

1. CEO

Who knew that being a psychopath could help you climb the corporate ladder? Or, help you get a job in radio? (AlterNet)


Wendy’s is famous for their Baconator burger.

For those of you who don’t know, the Baconator is all about two quarter-pound patties, a bunch of bacon, along with mayo, ketchup, and cheese.

Well, because you can’t have too much of a good thing, Wendy’s is now offering Baconator fries.

Starting this week, you can get fries with warm cheddar cheese sauce, crispy applewood-smoked bacon, and then an additional layer of shredded cheddar cheese.

That’s a lot of goodness. Dig in. (Business Insider)


We’re just a couple weeks away from the Major League Baseball All-Star Game – and the Home Run Derby.

The league has gotten a lot of complaints about how long the derby takes, so there have been changes made …  even if they may not actually make the competition go faster than it has in recent years.

This year, players will be on the clock and will have five minutes to hit as many home runs as they can in a single-elimination head-to-head bracket.

The idea is to get fans to pay closer attention all the way through the night. We will soon see if the tweaks they made have any effect on the way things unfold. (MLB)


Once you sign a two-year contract with a cell phone carrier, you’re stuck with them, right?

Not necessarily.

If the carrier violates your contract, you might be able to break out early and switch - and, amazingly, there’s an app to help you with that.

CellBreaker analyzes your cell phone contract, tracks changes made to your service over time, and if a breach of contract has occurred, it can help you get out of your contract.

So even if you’re not planning on leaving your carrier right away, it might be worth it to be aware of what changes are happening. (Life Hacker)


Apparently your ring finger can tell you a lot about your personality.

Here’s the test: Just hold out your hand and compare the size of your ring finger to your index finger.

If your ring finger is longer than your index finger …

You're charming, logical and can talk your way into and out of way anything. You can be aggressive, but you’re also very compassionate.

If your ring finger and index finger are the same length …

You are confident and efficient. You prefer to work alone, but you're not an introvert. You're constantly setting high goals for yourself.

If your ring finger is shorter than your index finger …

You are calm and easygoing. You're a peacekeeper and prefer to avoid conflict. You get along with everyone … but you do have a feisty side if somebody brings it out. (Woman’s Day)


If the weather forecast isn't looking so great for your holiday weekend, at least you have a lot of new movies on video to choose from.

  • In Get HardWill Ferrell is on his way to prison, mistakes Kevin Hart for an ex-con and looks to him for advice on how to survive on the inside. Rapper T.I. and Mad Men'sAlison Brie co-star.
  • Sean Penn heads up the cast of The Gunman as a former Special Forces member with PTSD who's framed for a crime and goes on the run through Europe to clear his name.Javier Bardem and Idris Elba co-star.
  • Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts play a middle-aged couple in While We're Young. Their lives are thrown into chaos when they meet a young couple played by Adam Driver andAmanda Seyfried.
  • Inspired by a true story, Danny Collins features Al Pacino as an aging '70s rocker who gives up the rock and roll lifestyle after discovering a letter hand-written to him fromJohn LennonChristopher Plummer and Annette Bening co-star.

TV that's new to video includes the second season of Treehouse Masters, the first season of Gangland Undercover and third season of the classic The Donna Reed Show.

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