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Blog Monday 9/15


A wedding photo found in the debris of the World Trade Center in the days following the September 11th terrorist attack has been returned to its owner 13 years later.

Elizabeth Stringer Keefe has been posting the photo on social media for the past 13 years in hopes of finding the photo's owner or any of the six people in the picture. This year, the photo truly went viral with more than 40,000 sharing it, including country singerBlake Shelton. He tweeted it to his more than 7.3 million followers.

Finally, last week, Fred Mahe contacted Keefe to say that he was the owner of the photo and that everyone in it is still living.

Mahe, who now lives in Colorado, told ABC News, "On 9/11 I saw the worst of humanity, [but] on 9/12 I saw the best of humanity. Elizabeth is 100 percent 9/12."

Mahe worked on the 77th floor of the second World Trade Center tower and had the photo tacked to the wall of his cubicle. He was not in his office on 9/11.

Source: People

Blog Friday 9/12


According to a new study, teenagers who smoke weed daily are 62 percent less likely to graduate from college than non-smokers. The researchers concluded that staying away from hippie lettuce has “broad health and social benefits." Among the findings, marijuana users are far more likely to use other drugs and less likely to finish high school or college.

While this sounds terrible, it’s important to remember that the researchers did not establish a cause-and-effect relationship. It’s just that those who do smoke have a higher incidence of these problems. Nobody knows how much the results are skewed by kids who are inclined to drug use or less than motivated to finish school and use weed as just one aspect of their slacker lifestyle. (Vox)


While Labor Day is in the rear view mirror, it’s actually -- officially -- still summer.

The last day of summer is September 22nd, which means you still have more than a week to enjoy these ridiculous summer foods:

  • Deep Fried Tequila Shots - Defying the laws of physics, the geniuses atOhBiteIt.com figured out how to cram hard liquor into deep fried nuggets of fun.
  • Krispy Kreme Burger - It’s a bacon cheeseburger that uses two Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts for buns. What’s not to like?
  • Bacon Wrapped Cheese-Filled Hot Dogs - Everything tastes better with bacon… especially cheese-filled hot dogs.
  • Batter Fried Corn-on-the-Cob - Why eat boring and healthy corn-on-the-cob when you can slather it with batter and drop it into hot grease? (Brosome)


Sarah Palin's family reportedly gotten into a drunken brawl at a snowmobile party in Alaska Saturday.

According to reports, son Track Palin mixed it up with a man who may have dated his sister Willow, and daughter Bristol Palin punched out the owner of the house where the party was being thrown.

No one pressed charges, though, so no arrests were made.

Alaskan political blogger Amanda Coyne writes, “Word is that Bristol has a particularly strong right hook, which she employed repeatedly, and it’s something to hear when Sarah screams, ‘Don’t you know who I am!’ And it was particularly wonderful when someone in the crowd screamed back, ‘This isn’t some damned Hillbilly reality show!’”

The Palins were asked to leave the party, which was sponsored by the annual Iron Dog snowmobile race.

A police spokeswoman confirmed that about 20 people were involved in the fight.

SOURCE: NY Daily News

Blog Thursday 9/11


Richard Kiel, the 7-foot-2 actor best known for playing the James Bond villain Jaws, died Wednesday at the age of 74.

A caused of death hasn't been announced, but TMZ says Kiel was hospitalized recently for a broken leg in Fresno, California.

He appeared in dozens of movies and TV shows over the past 50 years -- includingHappy GilmoreThe Longest YardThe Twilight Zone and Gilligan's Island. But he's best remembered for his roles in 1977's The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker.

Kiel was initially cast to star in TV's The Incredible Hulk, but lost the role two days into filming because he wasn't muscular enough. He was replaced by bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno.


It looks like Ray Rice and his wife aren't the only ones who will be seriously hurt by the video that showed him knocking out his then-fiancé in an elevator.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's job seems to be on the ropes as a report surfaced Wednesday that league executives had the video five months before TMZ posted it on the web Monday.

Now the league has hired former FBI director Robert S. Mueller III to investigate the growing scandal surrounding the video.

Goodell has promised his full cooperation in the investigation that'll be overseen by New York Giants owner John Mara and Pittsburgh Steelers owner Art Rooney.

According to a report by the Associated Press, a law enforcement official sent the video of the elevator incident to an NFL executive, and that same official -- who requested to remain anonymous -- played AP a 12-second voicemail from an NFL phone on April 9th, acknowledging that the tape had arrived. A female voice says thanks and adds, "You're right. It's terrible."

Source: USA Today

Blog Wednesday 9/10


Baltimore Ravens fans who own Ray Rice jerseys may be too disgusted to ever wear them again, so maybe a free pizza will help. A Baltimore restaurant is offering a free pizza for anyone who trades in a Ray Rice jersey.

The owners of Hersh's Pizza and Drinks say they're giving Ravens fans an opportunity to make a statement against domestic violence. They released a statement saying, “Come trade your Ray Rice Ravens Jersey in for a free pizza at Hersh's. These jerseys will save us money on toilet paper this week.” The restaurant also plans to donate $2.70, for every number-27 Rice jersey it receives, to The House of Ruth -- a Baltimore charity which helps victims of violence. (NY Daily News)

If you don't care much for free pizza, the Ravens announced that fans can now exchange their Ray Rice jerseys at official team stores. They'll announce full details of the jersey exchange later. The New England Patriots did the same thing following the Aaron Hernandez arrest on murder charges. (NBC Sports)

Rutgers University wants nothing to do with Ray Rice. The NFL star who holds every rushing record at the New Jersey university is being erased from the school's website page listing its NFL alumni and edited out of a "Knights in the NFL" video that plays during home games.

Rice's appearance in the video during last Saturday's game was met with some boos from the crowd and the university has announced that he will no longer be seen in the video because he is "not currently a player" on an NFL roster. Rice was suspended indefinitely yesterday following the release of the video showing him strike his wife. (NJ.com)


Katy Perry may have just come out of the closet -- as the subject of Taylor Swift's nasty new tune, "Bad Blood."

Yesterday (Monday), Rolling Stone released an interview in which Taylor said the song is about an unnamed female singer who she once saw as a friend, but now treats as "a straight-up enemy" for both business and personal reasons. While Taylor wouldn't drop any hints about the frenemy's identity, Katy dropped a hint, tweeting, "Watch out for the Regina George in sheep's clothing..."

The reference, for non-film buffs, is to the lead character in Mean Girls, who was known for the evil streak beneath her sweet exterior.


Rumor has it there's an all-female reboot of Ghostbusters in the works. Billy Murraysays he's not only in favor of it, but he's offering casting suggestions. 

He tells the Toronto Star, "Melissa [McCarthy] would be a spectacular Ghostbuster. And Kristen Wiig is so funny. God, she’s funny. I like this girl Linda Cardellini a lot. And Emma Stone is funny. There are some funny girls out there."

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have also been mentioned. Bridesmaids director Paul Feighas said he wants to make the film.

Murray, however, won't be part of any Ghostbusters reboot.

Mel Brooks pulled an awesome prank when he put his hands and feet in cement at Hollywood's TCL Chinese Theatre on Monday. The 88-year-old wore a prosthetic finger -- leaving 11 fingerprints in the cement. The ceremony was held to mark the 40th anniversary of his film Young Frankenstein.

Blog Tuesday 9/9

Glen Campbell's final recording will be included on the soundtrack for the documentary of his final tour.

Rolling Stone reports that "I'm Not Gonna Miss You" was recorded in Los Angeles in January 2013, following the conclusion of Campbell's Goodbye Tour. Written specifically for the tour-based documentary I'll Be Me, "I'm Gonna Miss You" will be among the five songs -- which also include a live version of "Wichita Lineman" -- on a five-song EP, on sale September 30th.

Co-written by Campbell and Julian Raymond, who produced his pair of albums this decade, "I'm Not Gonna Miss You" deals with the realities of Alzheimer's and the setbacks Glen has dealt with since receiving the diagnosis.

If you've ever been nasty to a waiter or waitress, you may want to change your ways – judging by a new survey that shows just how many ways servers can get revenge!

The poll, conducted by the employment journal Human Performance, shows that you're probably safe from having someone spit in your food – but pretty much every other dirty trick is in play.

79 percent of the 438 servers surveyed say they mocked diners behind their backs, which most of us could live with. Then again:

  • 78 percent lied about what's in a dish, or about something being unavailable.
  • 65 percent made customers wait extra long for food, letting it get cold or too warm.
  • 61 percent said they intentionally ignored diners trying to get their attention.
  • 43 percent argued with customers.
  • 11 percent increased the tip on the credit card slip.
  • And yes, a few servers – six percent in all – said they spit or put something else nasty into the food.


How’s this for having a good day …?

A guy in New York was cleaning out his truck and found a winning $3 million lottery ticket.


Auto shop owner Jerry Ritieni bought $20 worth of lottery tickets in July and shoved them into the center console of his truck – and didn’t give them a second thought.

One month later, he spent some time going through the numbers one-by-one, and matching them up with the winners.

"It took a minute for me to comprehend that I just hit the jackpot,” said Ritieni. “I was like, 'No way, no way!’”

Yes way.

He says the only plan he has for the money is to secure his kids’ future.

Sounds like a good plan. (NY Post)


You can't just walk up to Elizabeth Hurley and plant a big wet kiss on her ... unless the price is right.

Hurley auctioned off her lips for an auction benefiting the Elton John AIDS Foundation and the prize went to a 27-year-old billionaire who decided that $80,000 was a small price to pay to get to lock lips with the British bombshell in front a shrieking crowd.

And in case this story wasn't weird enough, the winner, Stan Bharti, is also married with three kids ... and he says his wife is totally cool with it.

Oh well ... at least the money went to charity. (Daily Mail)


The Birkin Bag has long been coveted as a status symbol for the rich and famous. But the newest version of the purse is really turning heads ... mostly because of its pricetag.

The latest incarnation of the bag is made from crocodile skin, has white gold clasps, and is studded with diamonds.

And with celebs like Jennifer LopezVictoria Beckham, and Kim Kardashian all sporting one, you probably won't be surprised to find out that the accessory goes for around $200,000.

So let's put that in perspective for the rest of us ... Would you like to buy a purse or would you rather have four years' salary? (Daily Mail)


Taco Bell is at it again. First it was the Waffle Taco and now their latest breakfast creation is something called the Biscuit Taco.

Basically it's egg, cheese and either sausage or bacon on a flat biscuit that's folded over to resemble the shape of a taco.

They're even testing out a version with a fried chicken tender in there, served with a drizzle of jalapeño honey sauce for added authenticity. (Food Beast)


According to the Huffington Post, here are some things to never say to a middle-aged man:

  • "Did you really just get a red Corvette?"
  • "Have you had your prostate checked?"
  • "Is that your girlfriend or your daughter?"
  • "Is that your wife or your mother?"
  • "Did you have work done?"


The city of Berkeley, California, is offering a unique benefit for low-income residents – free marijuana.

That’s right.

Starting next summer, Berkeley residents who earn less than $32,000 per year – or $46,000 per family – and have a prescription for medical marijuana will be able to get it for free from one of the dispensaries operating within the city.

Under the law, which was passed unanimously by the city council, dispensaries must set aside two percent of their weed for this program.

While, of course, there are critics who think this law is madness, supporters say that marijuana is recognized as a legal medicine in the state of California and – as medicine – people who need it shouldn't be kept away from it due to lack of funds. (CBS News)


Home Depot confirmed on Monday that their payment security system was in fact hacked and experts are warning that it could be as bad as the huge data hack that hit Target and their customers last year.

The big-box hardware chain admitted that the data breach could affect their customers in the U.S. and Canada, but there might be some possible good news -- there is no proof that their online customers or customer PIN codes have been compromised.

Home Depot Chairman and CEO Frank Blake said in a statement, "We owe it to our customers to alert them that we now have enough evidence to confirm that a breach has indeed occurred. It is important to emphasize that no customers will be responsible for fraudulent charges to their accounts."

News of the possible breach broke last week, but wasn't confirmed until Monday. The problem could date back until April and affect of all the chain's 2,200 stores in the U.S.

Source: Reuters

Blog Monday 9/8

According to PageSix.com, here’s a rundown of the most expensive insured celebrity body parts:

  • Dolly Parton’s breasts – $600,000
  • Madonna’s breasts – $2 million
  • Mariah Carey’s legs – $1 billion
  • Julia Roberts’ teeth – $30 million
  • Jennifer Lopez’s butt – $27 million
  • Daniel Craig’s entire body – $9.5 million
  • Keith Richards’ middle finger – $1.6 million
  • Bruce Springsteen’s voice – $5.7 million

A mystery virus has hit children across the U.S. and has the Centers for Disease Control and Preventions searching for some answers.

In Denver, more than 900 children have been seen for severe respiratory illness since mid-August with 86 of those admitted to Children's Hospital Colorado. Meanwhile in Columbus, Ohio, 73 children have been admitted to Nationwide Children's Hospital there.

In addition to Colorado and Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Kentucky have also requested assistance from the CDC in investigating clusters  enterovirus.

According to the CDC, those most likely to be hit by the illness are young children and those who suffer from asthma.

Mark Pallansch, a virologist and director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Division of Viral Diseases said that the reported cases could be "just the tip of the iceberg in terms of severe cases. We're in the middle of looking into this. We don't have all the answers yet."

Source: AL.com



1. Guardians of the Galaxy - $10.2 million
2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - $6.5 million
3. If I Stay - $5.7 million
4. Let's Be Cops - $5.4 million
5. The November Man - $4.2 million


Joan Rivers got her Hollywood funeral.

Tons of celebrities packed Temple Emanu-El in New York City Sunday to pay their respects to the comedian. Howard Stern and Deborah Norville delivered eulogies, while the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus and Hugh Jackman performed.

Howard said, "She was my hero. A trailblazer. I hope Joan is somewhere right now chasing Johnny Carson with a baseball bat."

Other stars who bid the legend farewell included Kathy Griffin, Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O’Donnell, Kelly Osbourne, Paul Shaffer, Barbara Walters, Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick and Donald Trump.

In her 2012 book I Hate Everyone...Starting With Me, Joan said she wanted her funeral "to be Hollywood all the way."

SOURCE: NY Daily News


Using DNA evidence, investigators believe they have identified the man who was Jack the Ripper 126 after he committed a string of horrible murders.

It was done by examining a shawl found of the body of one of the Ripper's victims,Catherine Eddowes.

A businessman named Russell Edwards bought the shawl in an auction in 2007 and then hired Dr. Jari Louhelanien, a genetic evidence expert, to examine the DNA found on the shawl.

According to Louhelanien's tests, the blood found on the shawl belonged to the victim Eddowes and her killer, Aaron Kosminski, a Polish hairdresser who had immigrated from Russian to London. Kosminski's name was also found in the notes of Chief Inspector Donald Swanson, who believed he knew the identity of the Ripper, but didn't have enough evidence to convict him.

Source: Mail Online


A fizzy vitamin tablet, popular around the world because it’s supposedly a miracle hangover cure, will soon be in a drugstore near you.

Berocca, which has been around since the 1960s and been available in over 70 countries, has been purchased by Bayer for sale in the U.S.

While Berocca makes no official claims of being able to cure hangovers, it does promote itself as a way to “put back what a hectic lifestyle takes away.”

The company says the vitamins in the pill, as well as drinking it with plenty of water, are what make customers feel better.

The tablet also contains about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, along with potassium and zinc.

If it works, it could be a billion-dollar hit. (BusinessWeek)

Blog Friday 9/5


Dancing With the Stars promises that you'll see celebrities dancing. It's in the show's title. So why is it that next season is featuring people that nobody has ever heard of?

Season 19 of DWTS, which premieres September 15th, features such "stars" as actorJonathan Bennett (Aaron from Mean Girls), UFC champion Randy CoutureSadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty, PBS host Tavis Smiley, and YouTube "celeb" Bethany Mota.

This lineup makes us wonder if the network wants to broaden its horizons or if they truly can't find any celebrities who are interested in doing the fox trot ... (Gawker)


Details for Joan Rivers' funeral haven't been announced, but we may have a hint of things to come from the comic's 2012 book I Hate Everyone...Starting With Me.

In the book, Joan joked about what she wanted at her funeral. She wrote, "When I die (and yes, Melissa, that day will come; and yes, Melissa, everything’s in your name), I want my funeral to be a huge showbiz affair with lights, cameras, action… I want craft services, I want paparazzi and I want publicists making a scene! I want it to be Hollywood all the way."

She continued, "I don’t want some rabbi rambling on; I want Meryl Streep crying, in five different accents. I don’t want a eulogy; I want Bobby Vinton to pick up my head and sing 'Mr. Lonely.' I want to look gorgeous, better than I do alive. I want to be buried in a Valentino gown and I want Harry Winston to make me a toe tag. And I want a wind machine so that, even in the casket, my hair is blowing just like Beyonce’s."

We'll find out if Joan's funeral is as glitzy as all that on Sunday when she's memorialized at Temple Emanu-El in New York City.

SOURCE: Gossip Cop


The end-of-summer doldrums will continue at the box office this weekend with the only new wide-release opening being the religious Elvis-tinged musical drama The Identical, starring Seth GreenAshley Judd and newcomer Blake Rayne.

That makes it likely the top of the box office heap will look exactly as it has for the past four weeks -- with Marvel and Disney's Guardian of the Galaxy on top.

The sci-fi space flick is expected to earn in the neighborhood of 9-to-10-million dollars in its sixth weekend. It's been quite a ride for Guardians, which has already passed fellow Marvel/Disney property Captain America: The Winter Soldier's 259.8 million-dollar take to become the top-grossing film (domestically) of 2014. To date, Guardians has pulled in 282.6 million dollars in the U.S. and 555.7 million dollars globally.

The Identical, on the other hand, is expected to pull in less than 3 million for its U.S. debut weekend, unless those religious folks and '50s music fans turn out in droves.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Blog Friday 8/29


We have news that is going to PERK Friends fans right up.

Warner Bros. Television Group has teamed up with Eight O’Clock Coffee to re-create the Central Perk coffeehouse from the hit 90's sit-com at a pop-up location in downtown Manhattan.

The festivities are going to kick off this month and the shop will be complete with many props from the show, including the original orange couch that the cast spent many scenes on and even appearances from James Michael Tyler, who played the barista "Gunther" on the show.

So if you've always dreamed of getting a cup o' joe at Central Perk, you'll finally have your chance (albeit a decade after the show ended). (EW)


We're sorry to have to let the cat out of the bag ... but it turns out that Hello Kitty, the pop culture character that we have known and loved for 40 years, is not a kitty after all.

She may have whiskers and pointy ears, but according to the curator of the Japanese American National Museum in L.A., which is about to launch a new exhibit featuring the cartoon character, Hello Kitty isn't a cat ... she's a little girl.

According to her official back story, Hello Kitty, whose real name is actually Kitty White, is actually a 3rd grade girl from a suburb of London. She does, however, have a pet cat named Charmmy Kitty, and apparently she likes to dress and look like a cat. Oh, and she's also got a twin sister named Mimmy, her boyfriend’s name is Dear Daniel, and she likes to bake cookies and play the piano. Her birthday is November 1st.

As you can imagine, fans really have their claws out over this news. Check out Sanrio’s official Hello Kitty Facebook page to check out some of the comments. (Washington Post)

Blog Thursday 8/28/


More than seven years after HBO's hit drama series The Sopranos aired its final episode, some folks are still trying to figure out if the series' protagonist Tony Soprano lived or died after the final scene faded to black.

Some thought they had an answer on Wednesday when a journalist from Vox reported she had series creator David Chase on the record saying that "no" Tony isn't dead, but only apparently that wasn't the case.

After Chase's supposed answer went viral, he felt the need to clarify, saying in a statement, "Whether Tony Soprano is alive or dead is not the point. To continue to search for this answer is fruitless. The final scene of The Sopranos raises a spiritual question that has no right or wrong answer."

One thing we do know for sure is that James Gandolfini, the actor that played Tony, died last year of a heart attack while vacationing in Rome.

Source: The Wrap


It's Labor Day Weekend ... which means chances are you are going to over-eat. That's no surprise. But it may surprise you how much you over-indulge. According to a new survey, the average person eats about three times more at a BBQ than they would during a normal meal.

People chow down on about 1,800 calories at a barbecue, while a typical meal at home would be about 500 to 700 calories.

And what are we eating? The top five BBQ foods are: burgers, hot dogs, salad, potato salad and coleslaw. A plate with one helping of each has around 900 calories. And most of us (61 percent according to the survey) go back for seconds.

Oh, and that's not even counting the alcohol. Have two glasses of wine or a couple of beers and that's an extra 400 calories or more.

The survey, done by a health care organization in the UK, also revealed that 59 percent of people don't worry about healthy eating at barbecues. (Daily Mail)

Blog Wednesday 8/27


Looks like prom dresses and makeup are in Hayden Panettiere’s future. The Nashvillestar revealed at Sunday’s Emmys that she’s having a baby girl.

In a red carpet interview with Giuliana Rancic, Hayden added that she has her work cut out for her. She said, “I have to shop. I want to paint the room… I’m working with my amazing interior decorator, Ben Vandiver, who did my house in Nashville. He’s trying to do something that she can grow up in, and you don’t have to change everything.”

Though Hayden and fiance Vladimir Klitschko haven't announced a name, she did say that her biggest pregnancy craving is chicken soup.

Nashville returns to ABC on September 24th.


Candace Cameron Bure's run on Dancing With the Stars stoked the embers, and where you smelled smoke, it seems there's a fire. It looks like a Full House reunion is in the works.

John Stamos, who played bad boy Uncle Jesse on the show, is trying to put together a new series, according to TV Guide. The reboot would incorporate many of the original stars, including Bob SagetDave Coulier and Candace Cameron Bure.

Stamos has an ownership stake in the show, which was a staple of ABC's family-friendly Friday Night lineup until 1995. Reruns have been airing on Nick at Nite the past few years, pulling in excellent ratings.


Florida cops were able to flush out a group of strung-out meth dealers after they freaked out their neighbors by firing guns at imaginary intruders – and then throwing their toilet out the window in an attempt to nail one of the non-existent foes.

A newspaper carrier passing the house called 911 after she heard screams and saw three people banging on the window and claiming that their home was surrounded by intruders. Cops raced to the scene to find Matthew Tyler McDaniel, Damian Joseph Hines and 18-year-old Madison Star Douglas in a state of panic, claiming they'd been held hostage.

Cops eventually got inside the house and found a huge stash of meth, and a hole where one of them had ripped the commode off the wall in order to throw it at the invisible intruder. Douglas claimed she'd been stabbed, with the knife broken off in her stomach, but there was no evidence of that, either. (Dothan Eagle)


For Kenny Chesney fans bummed about his 2014 break from the road, get ready for the big pay-off. The Big Revival is 11 tracks of all new music including his hit single “American Kids,” plus collaborations with Grace PotterAlison Krauss and Dan Tyminski.

Kenny Chesney reveals he needed a year off to take his music to a new direction. 

“It was really important for me to not repeat myself. I mean, I couldn’t go out there and record ‘No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem’ again and ‘Big Star.’ But then again I didn’t want to follow a trend then either. And that meant changing a few things creatively. And it meant that the process was a little longer, a little more frustrating, but twice as rewarding.”

While it hasn’t officially been announced, Kenny does plan to tour The Big Revival in a huge way. A massive stage production is already in the works.

Blog Tuesday 8/26

According to a new report from the Census Bureau, there are 4.7 million 23-year-olds living in America these days, which means there are more 23-year-olds around than any other age.

The second biggest age is 24 – and the third biggest is 22.

That’s a lot of early-20s young adults banging around, trying to find jobs and make their way in the world ... some more successfully than others. (New York Times)

Word got leaked recently about a secret menu item at Arby's called The Meat Mountain sandwich.

Apparently it started when Arby's created a poster that showed every type of meat they offer piled up like a mountain and, for some reason, customers started asking for it in sandwich form.

The $10 sandwich consists of: 2 chicken tenders, 1.5 ounces of roast turkey, 1.5 ounces of ham, 1.5 ounces of corned beef, 1.5 ounces brisket, 1.5 ounces of Angus steak,  1.5 ounces of roast beef, 3 half-strips of bacon, and 2 slices of cheese (one Swiss, one cheddar). Yum? (Business Insider)


Cops in England are looking for one cool criminal who stole a case of beer from a grocery store ... while dressed as a penguin.

Surveillance cameras caught him waddling out of the store with the brew and cops have circulated a photo of what they are calling the "quite conspicuous" suspect. (NY Daily News)


Nobody REALLY gets in trouble for uploading movies that are still in theaters onto the internet for people around the world to steal, right?


Philip Danks of England got almost three years in prison for filming Fast & Furious 6 from the back of a movie theater and then uploading it. The pirated copy of the film was downloaded 779,000 times, costing Universal Pictures more than $4 million.

The dumbest part of this whole story was that Danks himself only made about $1,650 from the entire venture. (Yahoo)


The estimated damages from Sunday's Northern California earthquake could add up to losses as high as $4 billion, especially if you add in the damages sustained by wineries and other businesses that cater to tourists in the area.

If there is any good news, it's that about more than half of that sum is expected to be covered by insurance companies, according to the Kinetic Analysis Corporation.

Robert Hartwig, who is president of the institute, said, "The main source of claims could well be commercial claims, those coming from wineries and vineyards and other commercial interests. It will take a while for the business owners to sort this out."

The quake also created major structural damages to buildings in Napa, with 33 red-tagged as being uninhabitable.

Source: Bloomberg News

Blog Monday 8/25


British inventor and stuntman Colin Furze is getting more and more famous out there on the Interwebs because he’s doing amazing work, inventing amazing things.

He’s the guy who built realistic Wolverine claws, wrist-mounted flamethrowers, and a giant, butt-shaped fart machine.

His latest gadget is a full-body metal safety suit that he specifically designed to withstand fireworks close-up.

He tried the suit out, filmed the experience, and survived.

Which means he lived another day to invent something else to capture our imaginations. (Daily Star)


Brad Paisley’s Moonshine in the Trunk is out today (Monday). The 15-track collection features the summer smash “River Bank,” plus collaborations with Carrie Underwood(“High Life”) and Emmylou Harris (“Gone Green”). Moonshine also features Brad’s youngest son Jasper on harmonica and his son Huck’s first grade class. The album's closing track, “Me and Jesus,” was mixed onboard Air Force One during Brad’s trip to Afghanistan with President Obama in May.

The album was tracked at Brad’s home studio, which now boasts a fully stocked bar with an authentic Guinness stout tap imported from Ireland.

Blog Friday 8/22


A man in Bulgaria finally won a 15-year legal battle and was able to fulfill his dream of changing his name to Mr. Manchester United.


The guy, formerly known as Zdravkov Levidzhov, now has the same legal name as his favorite soccer team.

He also took his love for the team to even more ridiculous heights by getting a tattoo of the team’s logo on his forehead.

Sort of puts those shirtless guys in body paint at NFL stadiums to shame, doesn’t it? (SI)


Northern Illinois University has just put some backward rules in place regarding Internet usage.

They are blocking students from accessing all social networks, Wikipedia, and porn.

So … what’s left?

The new policy applies to the school’s Internet connection only, which means the students do still have choices.

If they want to check their Facebook or Instagram, they could stroll down to the local Starbucks. Or drop out and surf the Internet like normal 20-somethings. (BetaBeat)


Nick Cannon admits his marriage to Mariah Carey is on the rocks.

The America's Got Talent host confirmed the rumors today (Thursday) telling The Insider that "there is trouble in paradise. We have been living in separate houses for a few months."

Last night TMZ reported that the divorce lawyers are already hammering out a settlement.

Nick remained tight-lipped on what caused the split, but he denied that infidelity was to blame. He added, "My main focus is my kids."

The couple, who are parents to three-year-old twins, wed in 2008 and even celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary in April. 


PredictionMachine.com has run 50,000 computer simulations of the 2014 NFL season and has determined that there will be a rematch of last year’s Super Bowl – but this time, the Denver Broncos will beat the Seattle Seahawks by a score of 24 to 23.

In the simulations, the Broncos beat the New England Patriots in the AFC championship game – and the Seahawks knocked out the New Orleans Saints to win the NFC.

Knowing this, why even play the games? Let’s just give the Lombardi trophy to the Denver Broncos and save us all a lot of time and hassle. (Yahoo Sports)

Blog Thursday 8/21

British researchers have developed technology that takes sound and turns it into energy for mobile phones.

In other words, they’ve figured out how to charge cell phones by yelling at them.

The sound required for a charge could be triggered by loud cheers or even moderately noisy restaurant chatter – with louder volumes, of course, giving you more power.

Could this be the end of having to scramble to find outlets throughout the day just to stay connected? (Daily Mail)

The Duggar family continues to grow. Just two months after getting hitched, Jill andDerick Dillard have announced they're expecting their first child. Jill, one of the stars of TLC'S 19 Kids and Counting, tells People magazine, "Both of us want as many kids as God will give us."


According to Tiquiq.com, here’s a rundown of the most expensive college football tickets in America:

  1. Ohio State: $237
  2. Notre Dame: $228
  3. Georgia: $209
  4. UCLA: $196
  5. Texas A&M: $192

Keep in mind … The players on the field aren’t getting a salary. That’s a lot of money the NCAA is raking in that isn’t going to the guys battling it out on the field.


It’s probably a good thing that summer is almost over, because there are reports of guys around the world wearing crop tops.

You know … T-shirts that are cut off, exposing the belly.

And, we’re not talking about rock stars here or ridiculous runway models. Actual adult men are putting these things on, looking in the mirror, and feeling OK about themselves.

It might be time to get this summer over with – and start again fresh next year. (Telegraph)


File this under: things that a child or a stoner wishes for.

The companies bathroom.com and choccywoccydoodah.com have teamed up to create an entirely chocolate bathroom.

Inspired by the way people were getting bathroom "suite" and "sweet" confused online, the two companies came together and decided to make a powder room complete with a chocolate sink, tub, bidet, and toilet.

The choco-furniture, which supposedly has a six-month shelf life if kept at room temperature, is selling for around $133,000 and has an estimated 9.4 million calories worth of chocolate.

So if you'd like to do your business in the same place as you eat dessert, this is the place for you.

Hashtag EW. (NY Daily News)

Blog Wednesday 8/20

While college football fans are using this time to study and debate the various pre-season polls, fans who prefer to watch the other personnel on the field can check out this definitive Cheerleaders of College Football Pre-Season Poll, ranking the Top 25 cheer squads.

Here's how the Top 10 shapes out:

1. Florida State 

2. Alabama

3. Oregon

4. Oklahoma

5. Ohio State

6. Auburn


8. Michigan State

9. South Carolina

10. Baylor
18. Ole Miss

A Brazilian drug dealer had nothing to crow about when cops caught him selling coke while awaiting trial – after he attached his house-arrest ankle bracelet to his pet rooster.

Isaac Selau was supposed to stay within the confines of his home, but decided that he needed to fly the coop in order to sell the rest of his cocaine stash. A patrolman spotted a man matching Selau's description dealing drugs on a corner not far from his place, so he sent another officer to check out the property – where he found the bird, with the electronic monitor hanging from a tag around its neck.

The cop also found cocaine, some weed and a handgun. (Daily Mirror)


In Wisconsin, a woman decided to hop the fence at a zoo to get up close and personal with a 12-foot-tall giraffe named Wally.

At first, things were just as giraffe-lover Amanda Hall planned as Wally gave her a gentle and loving lick with his giant tongue.

And then, Wally had a change of heart and kicked Amanda in the face.

Amanda, who was visiting Wisconsin from California, ended up getting a ticket for “Harassment of Zoo Animals” and fined $686.

Well, ain’t that a kick in the head.

Just in case you think it might be fun to hug your favorite giraffe, keep in mind that giraffes are actually capable of killing lions. Getting away with a bruised face and a $600 fine isn’t all that bad. (Daily Mail)


A 23-year-old groom-to-be in Connecticut faked his own death to get out of his wedding.

Tucker Blandford and his “almost-bride” Alex Lanchester had a whirlwind romance in college and got engaged before she had to go back home to England.

As their wedding day approached, Tucker got cold feet and did what any rational man would do who didn’t want to walk down the aisle … he faked a suicide. Badly.

Tucker called Alex and pretended to be his dad – and gave her the bad news.

“I’m dead … er … my son is dead.”

Sweet girl that she is, Alex called Tucker’s mom to offer her condolences – and learned the truth. Tucker was alive and well.

Ouch. (Daily Mail)


It’s that time of year again – time to duck and cover at the office ... and assemble your fantasy football team without your boss realizing you’re wasting company time.

Well, according to a new study, you fantasy football guys out there are wasting company time to the tune of more than $13 billion.

Consulting firm Challenger, Gray, and Christmas admits that it’s crazy to try to figure out how much work is lost because of fantasy football – but they made a run at it anyway.

They figure that 18 million working people play fantasy sports – and those team owners spend an average of two hours a day working on their team or teams instead of their job.

Over a 15-week fantasy NFL season, that’s a staggering $13 billion.

But anyone who’s enjoyed the thrill of a solid season of fantasy football knows that it’s well worth it – even if it is destroying our national economy. (Fox Sports)


There is new music coming from Trisha Yearwod

On Tuesday night she announced that she has signed with RCA Records and is working on an album called, Prize Fighter. There is no word yet on when it will be released.

Meanwhile, her cooking career continues to heat up as her Food Network Show Trisha's Southern Kitchen makes its season debut on Saturday. She's also launching a cookware and cutlery line. Her third cookbook, Trisha's Table, is due out next spring.

Blog Tuesday 8/19


There are more ways to vote than at your local polling place. Many people support the companies that support their political affiliation. And now you can too.

There's a new smartphone app called Buy Partisan that lets you scan grocery store items and more to find out which political party that company supports.

It even provides you with itemized breakdowns for the CEO, board of directors, PACs, and employees. (In The Capital)


If you want your banana-eating experience to go from good to great, a product from Argentina has the perfect solution.

It's called the Destapabanana, and it's the kitchen appliance to end all kitchen appliances.

What it does is it cores your banana and then fills it with anything from Nutella to frozen yogurt to take your snacking experience from yawn to yum.

No word when it will be available in U.S. stores. (Metro)


Brad Paisley is having trouble putting down his cell phone these days. He can’t stop leaking Moonshine in the Trunk tracks! His latest tweet sharing “American Flag on the Moon” from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center reached astronaut Reid Wiseman all the way at the International Space Station.

But when Brad’s at home, his wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley makes him put down the smartphone. He tells the Boston Herald, “She says, ‘When you’re home, be home. Put it down!’ I’m not as good as I’d like to be with that, but, hey, I do better than most people.”

Back in 2009, Brad said he scored major brownie points when he dedicated “Then” to Kimberly during a White House performance. 

“That was one of my wife’s proudest moments I think. When she got involved with this redneck hick from Tennessee I don’t think she ever saw herself in the East Room of the White House (laughs) being serenaded. For the first time, she’s probably convinced she didn’t make a huge mistake.”


NBC has confirmed that Don Pardo, the veteran TV and radio announcer who famously opened Saturday Night Live with his booming voice for every season, but one, has died. He was 96.

Long before SNL, Pardo began his career at NBC in 1944. Sixty years later, he semi-retired, but kept doing his famed voice work on SNL from his home in Arizona.

He also worked on game shows. He was the first announcer on The Price is Right back in 1956 and stayed with the show until it moved to ABC in 1963. He also did voice work on a number of other NBC game shows, including Jeopardy!Winning Streak and Jackpot!He reprised his role on Jeopardy! in the 1984 video for "Weird Al" Yankovic's parody song "I Lost on Jeopardy."

Blog Monday 8/18

According to a report from the PEW Institute, we will be having sex with robots by 2015. Lead researcher Stowe Boyd seems pretty sure that this is coming. In the report, he states, “Robotic sex partners will be a commonplace, although the source of scorn and division, the way that critics today bemoan selfies as an indicator of all that’s wrong with the world." (ExtremeTech)


A professor of psychology at the University of California (San Diego) tackled one of the great scientific mysteries of our day… whether or not dogs get jealous over attention. No joke. Emotion researcher Christine Harris applied the full force of her highly educated brain on an experiment that involved dog owners ignoring their pets while petting and talking sweetly to stuffed animals and jack-o-lantern pails.

The results of the nine-month study were, unfortunately, inclusive. It’s possible that dogs get jealous, but it’s a basic form of jealousy. It seems the dogs weren’t too worried about the jack-o-lanterns. On the other hand, they saw the stuffed animals as rivals. (Columbian)


For many people, the snooze button is a part of the wake-up routine each and every morning.

Unfortunately, psychiatrists have found that dipping into and out of sleep in the early morning is bad for you.

In general, the more you snooze, the more confused your body and brain get. Your brain doesn’t know if it’s supposed to prepare your body for action or not. So, when you actually do put your feet on the floor, you’re not operating at peak levels.

And, by getting up at different times each morning – depending on how many times you’re hitting the snooze button – your internal clock gets thrown off, which results in less sleep over the long run.

The best thing to do – obviously – is set your alarm for the time you actually have to get up, then … actually get up! If you do this, eventually you won’t even need an alarm because your body will know exactly when it’s supposed to be awake each and every morning. (Huffington Post)


A new study has found that marketing – and not taste – is responsible for your loyalty to whatever beer you've been drinking.

Researchers gave beer drinkers a blind taste test and they couldn't distinguish between three major competing beer brands.

The stuff all pretty much tastes the same.

So, it’s all about the commercials. And, your habits when you’re in the liquor store. (The Denver Channel)



Posted: Sunday 12:50PM Aug. 17, 2014 PT

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - $28.4 million
2. Guardians of the Galaxy - $24.7 million 
3. Let’s Be Cops - $17.7 million
4. The Expendables 3 - $16.2 million
5. The Giver - $12.76 million

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles held on to the top spot at the box office. The franchise reboot earned $28.4 million in its second weekend, raising its total to $117.6 million.

Guardians of the Galaxy stayed in second with $24.7 million. The Marvel flick has no taken in $222.3 million. 

Let's Be Cops opened in third with $17.7 million. The comedy has made $26.1 million since opening on Wednesday.

Despite all the star power, The Expendables 3  debuted in fourth with a disappointing $16.2 million. The action sequel was expected to earn between $20 and $25 million.

The Giver premiered in fifth with $12.8 million.

Blog Thursday 8/14

Nick from Dude Foods has unveiled his latest creation: deep fried spaghetti dog on a stick. He basically shoved a stick through a grilled Italian sausage and wrapped it in cooked spaghetti. Then battered it in flour, egg and breadcrumbs -- and plunged it into a fryer for about 45 seconds. A tastebud explosion, for sure, with the added bonus of maybe, possibly, exploding an artery or two.


Every month a huge population of women head to the store to spend money on period products. It's not an option whether you buy them or not – it's a health requirement. So, why doesn't insurance cover these products? 

Many women have been asking this question recently, and it makes sense. Tampons and pads are considered cosmetic products ... and as all women know, they are anything but. On top of that, these products are expensive. You could spend $10 on a box of tampons -- that's a lot of money if you are barely scraping by as it is. (Cosmo)


The Little League World Series is up and running and it's made all the more interesting by the fact that a girl named Mo'ne Davis is playing.

She is a 13-year-old from Philadelphia and she is a force to be reckoned with on the field. Mo'ne has a 70-mph fastball and struck out six batters in her last game.

The eighth grade honor roll student will be the 18th female player in LLWS history. But she won't be totally alone out there.

Emma March will be representing Canada’s South Vancouver league, making this the third time ever that two girls have played in the Series at once. (The Frisky)


According to a new survey from the Federal Reserve, four out of 10 American households are showing signs of financial stress.

Many are struggling with tight credit, education debt, and retirement issues – and this is causing these families to report that they’re "just getting by" or struggling to do so.

The crazy thing is that the actual Great Recession lasted only from 2007 to 2009. It’s been five years since we were officially out of the recession and almost half of all American households are still having a hard time financially. (Los Angeles Times)


70-year-old Joanna Scarpitti of Delaware passed away recently, but not without one final joke.

The woman known for her sense of humor made her youngest daughter, Lucy, who shared her love for the movie The Wizard of Oz, promise to make the first line in her obituary "Ding dong the witch is dead."

Lucy says she has received some negative comments online for the obituary, but she defends her words, saying she was just honoring her mother's wishes and that the movie was something special between the two of them. She also made good on the promise to bury her beloved mother in black and white stockings and ruby slippers. That's really kinda awesome.  (Huffington Post)

Blog Wednesday 8/13


It’s Shark Week, which is pretty much a yearly reminder that there are monsters under the surface of the ocean that want nothing more than to devour you whole.

But really, statistically speaking, your chances of being attacked by a shark are about a one in 11.5 million. To put things in perspective, your chances of dying in a car accident are about one in 6,700. That’s a big difference.

If you’re looking to lower your odds of getting thrashed by a great white even further, you might want to stay away from these shark attack hotspots:

  1. New Smyrna Beach, Florida – Home to an amazing 238 attacks, this Florida beach consistently has more shark attacks than any other beach. But on the bright side, there has yet to be a fatal attack.
  2. Ponce de Leon Inlet, Florida – Though the number of attacks is alarmingly high here, local surfers do not stay away … and many actual victims of shark bites say they cannot wait to get back out on the water.
  3. Perth, Western Australia – It seems sharks migrate to Western Australia. So when you put a bunch of beach lovers and tourists into the mix, bad things happen, including a number of fatal attacks. (TheInertia)